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The stock or custom Android ROM doesn’t support customization for the lock screen, which can be disappointing for users who want to add their personal style to their devices. There are only two shortcuts supported and it is not even possible to change the position of the clock. In order to get the most out of the lock screen function of Android, you need to replace the default lock screen with an option that is smarter and more flexible. In this article, you will find a list of great lock screen replacement apps that you can use on your Android mobile device. These options look great and they also are very functional as they allow you to add new functions to the lock screen.

Lock Master

If you want to design your own lock screen or pattern lock for free, make sure that you give this app a try. With Lock Master, you can design your lock screen from scratch and you can make it as simple or as complex as you want. The app even allows you to share your design with other users. In order to come up with a lock screen you first need to choose a picture that you want to use as a background image for the lock screen. You can use an image that is saved in your phone, or check the selection that Lock Master offers. There are high-resolution wallpapers and you can download any image that you like. After the app loads the image, it is possible to customize it using unique clock widgets, animation effects and more. If needed, you can follow the tutorials that the app offers.

ZUI Locker

This fantastic Android Lock screen app stands out thanks to the fact that it is lightweight and it offers a great deal of customization options. ZUI Locker is a powerful solution that is used by millions of people and it has received great feedback due to the high quality that it offers. It comes with a smart screen feature that wakes the phone’s display automatically for every new notification. You can lock the status bar and get access to the device’s main features through the interface, which is called control panel in this case. There are two different styles for the control panel and ZUI can play a sound when the screen is unlocked. There is also function known as Mistouch Prevention Mode that prevents you from locking the phone accidentally. In order to use the app, you must grant permission to activate pop up windows, turn on notifications, disable system lock and to launch automatically. The app comes with an impressive selection of free HD wallpapers and it is possible to configure it to change the lock screen wallpapers on a daily basis. It is also possible to change the date, language and the phone’s lock screen layout.

SnapLock Smart Lock Screen

This app offers a card style notification system and it allows users to change the lock screen’s layout. The wallpapers of the lock screen can be changed automatically. It is possible to configure SnapLock to brighten the display for new push notifications and the application allows you to enable screen lock sound and disable status bar, swipe lock and more. SnapLock allows 24 and 12-hour clock format. The app is capable of displaying the latest weather information for your location. You can set the app to avoid that it displays notifications for certain apps. The app also allows you to control music playback on mobiles running on Android 4.3 and above.

Microsoft Next Lock Screen

Here is another popular Android lock screen and while it doesn’t come with a lot of features, it looks great and allows you to add style and fun to your device’s screen. You cab replace the background image with new wallpapers on a daily basis. The wallpapers are changed automatically and if you are not happy with the current image, you can always change it by simply swiping the finger to the right. The app can detect your phone model and then it shows instructions so that you can enable the required permissions for the app. These include draw over other apps and access notification systems. Android Lock screen app can detect the phone features that you use the most and your frequent contacts. Then it displays them in a hidden widget that you can access by taping on the horizontal bar icon on the lock screen interface.


This lock screen app allows you to subscribe to RSS feeds of popular news websites in your country. You can see the latest updates from Facebook right on the lock screen and there are many more great options, thanks to the powerful notification manager. It shows you a list of unread messages, missed calls and more. The efficient settings section allows you to find shortcuts to key options such as front camera, Bluetooth and WiFi. Since Start LS comes with the Yahoo Weather service, you can get information on the weather in your location, without having to unlock your Android device. The app also features a music player and manager utility. You can create shortcuts for the apps on the lock screen and disable or hide features that you don’t need. In spite of the lack of customization options, Start LS offers great functionality.

Lock Screen & AppLock

With over 10 million installs, Lock Screen & AppLock by Fotoable is the most popular app in the list. The app offers picture-in-picture wallpapers of HD quality and it lets you download 100s of cool wallpapers featuring images of nature and more. One of the features that stands out is Pocket Mode, a special solution that stops the display from turning on when the phone is in your pocket. The app also comes with a powerful utility that identifies your location automatically and then displays the weather forecast for your location. You can set a password or pattern lock to unlock the screen, which lets you replace the system lock screen safely.

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