Apple Watch now victim of Logogate, users complain to Apple

As with any product, be it smartphone, smartwatch, or tablet, products are often hyped until reports surface as to their problems. The new Apple Watch, announced at last year’s iPad announcement and having arrived just this Spring, is now the latest victim of defective manufacturing. How, exactly?

A number of Apple Watch users are complaining that their watch bands are peeling off, particularly on the back of the device –the portion that comes into contact with the user’s skin. Pictures showing the “peeling” anodized aluminum and paint job gone wrong have been posted to Apple’s community forum, with a number of users reporting the peeling problem after having owned the Apple Watch for only a month or two. Some have dubbed this current Apple Watch problem as #Logogate.

Apple Watch back peeling off

According to one complaining customer, Apple is accepting watch returns (only the most affordable, $349 Apple Watch is the problem at this point). Keep in mind that the Apple Watch Sport edition is the only one that doesn’t include a sapphire display, which would help protect the model in the event of drops and breaks. The rumor that has yet to be verified, however, says that sapphire display costs no more than $27 to build, which makes you wonder why the rest of the device brings the total price out to $349.

Apple created three Apple Watch models last Fall: the “budget-friendly” Apple Watch Sport, the Apple Watch, and the Apple Watch Edition (which costs anywhere from $10,000 to $17,000).

Have you had problems with your Apple Watch Sport model? Are you experiencing a fleeting paint job like those at the Apple site? If so, check out the Apple forum link below and visit your local Apple Store to voice your complaint.




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