Apple’s new warranty will replace your battery

Apple has added a new AppleCare+ feature for anyone who has bought an iPhone, iPad, or MacBook, that will allow a customer to request a battery change on a device if its capacity or the amount of charge it can hold falls below 80 percent.

Previously, this value was typically if the capacity fell below half the original capacity, but this revision will mean that the battery replacement will come at a point when the rest of the hardware is still relevant, and the device can be reinvigorated.

According to Apple, to check the capacity of your iPhone’s battery, or if you suspect it’s draining too quickly, you should start a service request that will get process started on your replacement. Out of warranty, the battery will cost you $79 (up to $199 for Macbooks).

AppleCare+ costs $49 for the Watch Sport, $59 for the iPod Touch, $69 for the standard Watch, $99 for iPhones or iPads, and between $250 and $350 for MacBooks.

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