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Monitoring data usage will allow you to avoid surprises when you receive your mobile phone bills at the end of the month. There are cases in which we need to exceed our data allowance, but knowing exactly how much we use will help us to manage costs more effectively. To monitor data usage in a simple and convenient way, you can rely on apps that will take care of tracking the information on the background. With the help of these apps, you can focus on your tasks, while they monitor your data usage. There are options for both Android and iOS.

DataMan Next

DataMan Next by Johnny Ixe offers a clear, simple solution to keep track of your data usage. With just a quick look, you will find out if you are within your monthly data limit. It is designed to help you to avoid overage as it shows you the main stats instantly. The data widget allows you to check your usage at any point from any screen and it is optimized for iOS 10. DataMan Next also features an advanced Forecast that can predict if you will remain within your data limit.

The interface is appealing and the information is presented in a way that ensures that you don’t miss any detail. It is ideal for tracking mobile data usage and WiFi usage and it gives you access to your latest stats so you won’t need to wait for your mobile carrier for an update. DataMan Next is available for iOS and costs $0.99.


Data Monitor


Nutec Apps offers an option that lets you manage your data usage in real time to prevent additional charges. You can keep up with Cellular and WiFi data usage and the app alerts you when you are reaching your data cap. You won’t need to wait for the information from your mobile phone service provider or log in to their website because everything is managed from your device, using the Data Monitor app.

After installing the app, you will be able to adjust the settings to make sure that they suit your monthly or daily data usage limit. You can set up custom counters to monitor usage for a specific amount of time. There are useful graphs that show your data usage history and you can share the information by email whenever needed. Data Monitor by Nutec Apps is available on the App Store for free,


My Data Manager

This app created by Mobidia Technology is trusted by millions of users around the world and it is the ideal solution to manage your mobile data usage without hassle. With My Data Manager, you can control how much data is used every day to avoid excessive charges on your monthly phone bill. You can get notifications before you run out of data or exceed your limits.

The app allows you to monitor WiFi and roaming easily and you can customize the settings to suit your personal data plan. My Data Manager is a practical way to keep track of your data usage to prevent going over your set amount. It supports a wide array of mobile carriers and networks around the world. You can download this useful and accurate data usage monitoring solution for free.

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Onavo Count

Onavo Count provides an efficient, intuitive solution to find out how much mobile data you use. It gives you access to reports that show you the amount of data that you use in different applications and how you compare with other users. You can easily set your monthly data limit and your billing cycle. Onavo Count offers a breakdown of your data usage. You will know how much is used in categories like maps, videos and music. The real-time alerts will let you know when you are getting close to your data cap. It monitors and analyzes all aspects of mobile data and phone use, including WiFi and background. Onavo Count can help you to save data and it is very easy to use. At the moment, the app is free and it is only available in Google Play.



DataWiz stands out for its clear interface that makes data usage monitoring simple.This app created by DataMi, helps you to stick to your prepaid data plan or to avoid surprises with your monthly bill. Through usage patterns, it can predict how much data you will use. This is handy when you are trying to to decide if it is worth upgrading your data plan. The app offers easy to understand graphs and it sends you regular alerts to ensure that you stay within your data cap and avoid going over budget. It is an effective data monitor for Android users and it can be downloaded for free.


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