Best Compass Apps for Android

If you love camping and hiking, and want to explore your surroundings, having a good sense of direction is not enough. When you are in a new place, it can be difficult to find your way and there is a risk that you may end up getting lost. Thankfully, technology offers solutions that will help to keep you on the right track and to get to your destination without major issues. Nowadays, many people rely on the GPS functionality on their mobile devices. The problem is that this option may not be available in some cases. If you don’t have mobile data or WiFi, you may not be able to get the information needed. One of the best alternatives is the classic Compass and there are great apps that offer the same advantages of this tool, without requiring an internet connection. Here you will find the best Compass apps that will guide you, no matter where you are. Just keep in mind that in order to use compass apps effectively, your Android device should have magnetic sensor.

Smart Compass

Smart Compass by Smart Tools is an impressive option that supports good features and will help those who want to find their way. The app uses Camera view for reality and in order to confirm that the device’s magnetic sensor is working well, there is a Metal Detector option included. The app also offers features like Vertical line, Screen capture, GPS Speedometer and more. Smart Compass supports GPS and Google Maps.


This is one of the best rated apps in Google Play thanks to the high level of precision that it offers. Compass by Gabenative, displays all cardinal points and uses true north calculated using GPS coordinates or network location. It can be copied, shared and viewed in a map. Compass is optimized for all screens and resolutions and the compass sensor precision can be adjusted to save energy. The app is simple but very powerful and you can download it for free.

Compass 360 Pro Free

This app developed by David Januzai works like an actual compass and features advanced design and great accuracy. It is ideal for outdoor activities as it doesn’t require internet connection to work. The app will orientate you easily and it is available in multiple languages. This highly rated compass app is ideal for hiking, sailing, biking, driving, camping and more.

3D Compass Plus

Sam Lu’s 3D Compass Plus is an app that offers augmented reality view, GPS information and real time map update. You can get accurate and easy directions with the help of all the information that is displayed: augmented reality view, map, coordinates, 3D compass, address, speed and time. You can record video or take screenshots to share with friends or family. This practical app is available in multiple languages.

Digital Field Compass

This is a practical compass app loved by many users and it is easy to see why, since it offers great design and functionality. Created by Chartcross Limited, Digital Field Compass is an effective solution that displays a great deal of useful information. The app offers convenient customization options and it also features Night mode with dimmed red colors, declination field with configurable value and more. It is ideal for sailing, hiking and other outdoor activities.

Compass Plus

Here is another great option that you will find in Google Play Store. Like the other apps in out list, Compass Plus by Pinux was created as a convenient tool for outdoor activities and travelling. It is easy to use and you can personalize the graphical interface. There are 7 different colors to choose for the compass housing and the disk background can be black or white. You can also choose from a variety of app backgrounds.

Accurate Compass

If you are looking for an app that offers elegant and simple design and that is easy to use as well, Accurate Compass by Stonekick is a great option to consider. It offers 3D view and has an intuitive user interface that will allow you to find directions, even in places where you have never been before. It is not only practical for exploring or outdoor activities, but also for gardening.

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