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Apps can be fantastic learning solutions thanks to their interactive nature and advanced features. One of the best educative apps available in the App Store is Cell & Cell Structure by Emantras, a valuable tool for middle school students who are learning about cells, cells parts, structure and their specific functions. The app would also be helpful for high school students who want to review their knowledge on the subject.

The app offers excellent quality and many options to learn everything about cells. It can be also be a practical resource for teachers who want to ensure that students are engaged during the learning process. Cell & Cell Structure is a great addition to a biology class and its detailed 2D and 3D images will capture the attention of students. Designed for the iPad, this app will be a helpful solution and here we’ll take a closer look to what it offers.


The app offers three main menu options: All About Cells, Videos and Interactive Activities. The interactive lessons, quizzes, videos and flash cards ensure that the learning experience is engaging and enjoyable. The app seeks to provide in-depth understanding about cells, their structure, life cycle, individual organelles and more. The way in the information is presented, ensures that students participate as they have to test their understanding and the graphics offer impressive quality.

The interactive activities include complete word search and quizzes. The flash cards are a practical function because they allow students to review and retain information in a simple way. Every card displays information in a concise manner and the word challenges give students the chance to refresh their memory on what they just learned.

The videos provide microscopic view right into the individual cells and show some specific functions. The videos are visually stunning and are set to get students interested in the fascinating world of cells.

The app has a well-designed interface and the content stands out for its quality. Cell and Cell Structure contains a great deal of essential information about cells, as well as a wide variety of interactive activities to test students’ knowledge and memory.
The videos take students in a journey through cell structures and they make the knowledge easier to assimilate. The app proves that making knowledge interactive allows students to feel more engaged. Cell & Cell Structure can be downloaded for $2.99 and it is a simple and captivating learning tool that many students, teachers and parents should consider.

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