Best EATX Cases for Mid and Full Tower PC

Looking for a case to customize your PC? We would suggest to use E-ATX cases, if you are not conscious on budget. However, when choosing the best E-ATX case for your PC, you will have to take note that you will need to consider what type of motherboard you will have before purchasing one.

1. Thermaltake Suppressor F51

A window mid-tower chassis, the Thermaltake Suppressor F51 comes with reducing sound panels which covers all sides. Its panels are also detachable which gives you more cooling options and provides you a quieter operation at the same time a cooling performance. This case also comes with liquid cooling options perfect for high end graphics solutions users and for games as well.

The Thermaltake Suppressor FS51 is compatible and supports AMD and Intel motherboards. It is Tt LCS certified as well. It is dust free and has an external bay of 2 and an internal bay of 6+2. its VGA maximum is 310mm and 465mm. This E-ATX comes with a three-year warranty.

For aesthetics, this E-ATX is made of huge side window tempered glass. Its design ensures that it has space behind the motherboard for cable routing and for proper air flow. It also has fan spots which comes with additional filters to ensure your device will be dust free. Lastly, if you need assistance, Thermaltake ensures that they will address your concerns through their customer service.


* Power Specification Compliance is PS/2 and its type does not have power supply.

* It expansion or connectivity has 8 expansion slots

* Comes in black color

* Has 6 internal bays, 2 front accessible bays

* Its front panel connectors are USB/Audio

* Its CPU cooler height is 185 mm max

* The video car length is maximum 465mm

* Has bottom, front and top dust filter

* Fan speed controller

* Supports ½” 3/8” and ¼” water tub, 120 mm radiator- rear, 240 mm bottom, 360/420 mm front panel

* Has a noise reduction

* Supported Motherboards- ATX, E-ATX, Mini-ITX and microATX

2. Thermaltake Tower 900

In partnership with Watermood France, Thermaltake Tower 900 was created with expanded, close frame chassis. However, it has an opening view and is made of 5 mm thick tempered glass panels. It also has expansion capabilities for its liquid cooling systems.


* ATX full tower case type

* 1x 5.25 external bay and 6×3.5” 2.5” HDD cage, 2.2.5 HDD tray internal bay

* tempered glass side windows

* Supports Mini ITX, Micro ATX, ATX, E-ATX motherboard

* Uses USB 3.0 x 4, HD Audio x1

* Maximum CPU cooler of 260 mm in height

* 6 expansion slots for connectivity or expansion

* 8 internal bays, 1 front accessible bays

* has fan and fan mount cooling system

* Noise level of 16 dBA

3. Cooler Master Cosmos C700P

Perfect for enthusiast and games, the Cooler Master Cosmos C700P has RBG lighting, flexible interior, its frame is removable and can be rotated. Its side panels are made of dual curved tempered glass. Its chassis offers a PSU covering. Aside from that, this model can accommodate 360mm top and 420mm front side radiator.


* Has an RGB lighting control

* Made of Dual Curved tempered glass

* 420mm Radiator support fan speed controller

* Has 8 expansion slots

* ATX/PS/2 power device specification compliance

* Has USB/Audio at front panel

* 198 mm maximum height of CPU cooler

* Could accommodate up to a maximum video card length of 490 mm

4. Rosewill Blackhawk Ultra Tower- SSI CEB

Comes in all black color, the Rosewill blackhawk is highly recommended for gamers. It could accommodate EATX motherboards and VGA cards with length up to 433mm. Its chassis has eight fans and has tube openings at its rear for upgrades and liquid cooling. It also has grommets for cables, HDD tray, PSU at its bottom and second PSU for power, detachable dust filter, connectivity of 3.0 USB and HDD dock.

* Has USB ports using20 Pin internal Motherboard headers and dual internal 10 Pin motherboard headers top front.

* Has internal drives mount to case

* Includes internal SSD rack

* Has blue LED fans

* Supported motherboards are the following: ATX, EATX. HPTX, SSI, CEB, XL-ATX

* Has front accessible and internal bays

* Pre-mounted motherboards

* Has 10 x expansion slots

* Has USB, Audio, microphone connectivity slots

* One-year Warranty

5. NZXT Phantom

With seven high performance air-cooling fans, the NZXT Phantom also has dual radiator supports and quad cooling water cutouts. It also comes with five channel fan controls and a screw less system. The Phantom also provides a larger space which could accommodate seven hard drives and five bays.


* Capable of having 7 fans

* Compatible with large heat sinks, graphics card and E-ATX

* Could accommodate seven hard drives and 5.25 bays

* Has 7 x expansion slots

* Has 7 internal bays, 5 front accessible bays

* USB, Audio and E- SATA

* Has fan and fan mount

* Supported motherboards are ATX, Baby-AT, E-ATX and MicroATX

* Has front and internal expansion bays

6. SilverStone Raven RV038B-W

SilverStone Raven RVO388-W could accommodate three 3.5” HDDs/SSDs and two 2.5” HDDs or SSDs and has three fans. Due to its wires being short, you will have to purchase another one to reach the motherboard and cable management might be a problem. However, other than those, this case is great with the following specifications:

* Has a 90 -degree motherboard mount

* Comes with 2 air penetrators

* Could accommodate up to 120mm fans

* Has a motherboard back plate behind CPU area

* Has multiple USB ports

* Has 8x expansion slots

* Has 6 internal bays

* 7 front accessible bays

* Windowed side panels

* Supported motherboards: ATX, E-ATX, SSI, CEB, EEB and microATX

7. Supermicro SC732 D4-500B Mid tower

If you are using a SuperMicro Motherboard for your server, it is suggested that you get a SuperMicro case. This way, you are ensured that everything would be working together.

This case has a tool less drive installation and are cooled enough. It could accommodate about four drives. If you are intending to install servers for small offices, this model is highly recommended.


* Has an 80 PLUS gold certification

* Has 7 x full length and height expansion slots

* LED panel

* USB and Audio panel connectors

* Supported motherboards: ATX, E-ATX and microATX

* Has front accessibility and internal expansion bays

8. In Win 707 Full Tower

If you are looking for wide space, the 707 would be the best for you. It also offers front USB ports and the power is uniquely placed on the right side next to its USB ports.


* Made of SECC, Acrylic window panel

* 8 internal bays

* 3 front accessible bays

* USB/ Audio panel connectors

* Supported motherboards: ATX, E-ATX and microATX

* 3 years warranty

This article hopes to be able to help you choose the right product that would suit your needs. If you have some suggestions of better cases leave it in the comments bellow.

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