Best Gangster Games for Android

Gangster movies enjoy a lot of popularity and the same can be said about games. While some people may consider that these games and movies help to reinforce some negative stereotypes, the quest for power and the action of gangster-themed entertainment, continue attracting players and viewers around the world. What is fascinating about gangster games is that they allow you to get into the shoes of fearless characters that do whatever it takes to get control of a criminal empire. Gangster movies let you discover charismatic, yet ruthless characters, while gangster games give you the possibility of being one of them. In this list, you will find the best Gangster games for Android that allow you to experience the thrill and danger of the life of those who control large criminal mobs.

Mafia Empire: City of Crime

In order to take over the city and become the boss of all gangsters in Mafia Empire, you will need to be smart and ruthless. This strategy game lets you take part in criminal missions that will determine the power and wealth of your own gang. You can plan the best way to approach the mission and direct your mafia members. With this game you can put your strategic thinking to work as you decide if you want to fight against other gangs or establish alliances with them. The choice is yours and the game lets you take control and plan your steps carefully in order be crowned as the absolute mafia leader.

Grand Gangster 3D

Grand Gangster by Doodle Mobile is another game that will be loved by fans of the gangster genre. It offers a great deal of action with car chases, explosions, fights and chaos all around. Those who control the street crime in Sin City will battle in this game, in which you have the chance to take part in different kinds of motor vehicle theft missions. You will need to use your skills to escape from the police and defeat rival gangs. There are many options and missions available so you can enjoy endless hours of action with this game.

Crime Coast: Gangster Paradise

Crime Coast: Gangster Paradise is an strategy game that focuses on the war between rival gangs. The fight takes place in Crime Coast, where criminals from around the world get together to challenge and attack their enemies. You will take part in intense battles in the mafia wars and will need to use all your resources to defeat your rivals and become the leading gangster of Crime Coast. The quality of the graphics is impressive and the soundtracks adds action to this epic game. There are explosions, dramatic chases and everything you would expect from a gangster movie or game.

Gangstar Vegas

Created by Gameloft, Gangstar Vegas is known as one of the best open-world games that give you a taste of the life of a real gangster in Las Vegas. In this action-packed game, you will face rival gangs, try your luck at lavish casinos and race down the Vegas strip in stolen cars. There are many options available so you can enjoy a unique gaming experience. Fighting, street racing, you name it. It is also possible to customize your character’s clothing and more. The game offers incredible graphics and seamless performance on Android.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

This classic by Rockstar games also deals with a criminal world in which carrying out missions successfully can make or break you. The game follows the story of Carl Johnson, who has to face his past and go back to Los Santos, San Andreas to save his family and take over the city. It’s an intense gaming experience that features realistic graphics and a lot of action.

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