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Games have been evolving over time. Gone are the days when everybody would be seen seated in the living room playing board games such as Monopoly and Scrabble. With the development of technology, games also progressed into the age of computers and internet.

FPD and RPG are just examples of games that have been launched and created that will bring you excitement and will pin you down to your seats for hours and will bring you needles and pins in your legs. To shake the said feeling, you will need to stop, stand up and walk for a few minutes or… you could just purchase and use a gaming chair that will bring you comfort and great gaming experience. Here are the best gaming chairs that could suit your needs:

1. DX Racer Gaming Chair Drifting Series

DX Racer Gaming Chair is one of the most comfortable gaming chairs. It is not supportive and comes with a price but it provides great features. It offers lifetime warranty on its steel frame and two years on its parts. Its back is created to accommodate tall people and could be used by anyone. The chair is designed to allow breathability which decreases the possibility of sweat lingering on the chair itself. Its armrests are adjustable and it is very sturdy.

This chair was designed to provide comfortability with its lumbar support and headrest pillows. It also has a lower support that will give you the feeling of coziness. DX Racer includes a lot of components but you will not have a problem as it is easy to assemble.

2. Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair

This model and brand is known for its quality and top of the line customer service. The Titan is known to be one of the best gaming chairs. Though most chairs have uncomfortable armrests, Titan does not have this problem. They padded their armrest in 4D PU leather which makes it very comfortable.

This chair offers built-in support that cushions one’s lower lumbar and comes with crank knob that will allow you to adjust it according to your preferred comfort. Moreover, this chair comes with a free velour head pillow.

Secretlab Titan Gaming Chair comes with a two-year warranty.

3. Clutch Crank Series Gaming Chair Onylight Edition

Clutch Crank Series Gaming Chair Onylight Edition comes in red and charcoal black color. It could accommodate up to 2000 lbs and is very durable. It is made of steel and aluminum. It also allows its users to adjust the chair itself through its four hydraulics and its armrests could be adjusted in three different angles. This model and brand comes with a lifetime warranty.

4. Furmax Leather Gaming Chair Hybrid

This chair gives you the best value for your money. It is affordable and could also be used as a chair for the office aside from it being a gaming chair. It also provides a comfortable seating and could accommodate up to 280 lbs. It could swivel up to 360 degrees and its back is taller than the normal chair. This means, tall guys will not have a hard time and will be comfortable as well.

As for its warranty, unfortunately, they only have a three- day return policy and six months for its parts.

5. Ace Bayou X Rocker

Ace Bayou X Rocker is one of the pioneers of the lounge style gaming chairs. This chair could impressively accommodate taller guys with a height up to 6’6. It is budget-friendly and though this chair is not the most comfortable nor the most supportive gaming chairs, it comes with an armrest that you could adjust and re-position. Furthermore, this chair comes with a built-in sound system that you will surely enjoy. It has a bass and subwoofer that will surely make you feel immersed in the game.

6. DX Racer Automotive Gaming Seat

This chair is best and perfect for all types and styles of gaming. It provides comfortability to its users. Gamers could just lean back and relax and it allows them to lean forward and immerse themselves into the game without compromising comfort.

This model is a hybrid console and PC gaming chair. It comes in red widow design and offers a lifetime warranty on its steel frame and two years on its price. This chair also comes with adjustment gears and includes hydraulic pressure that will make you stay where you wish to stay. The only downside of this chair is that it is difficult to set up and move as well.

7. Respawn Ergonomic Gaming and Office Chair Hybrid

As what its name is says. This brand and model is a hybrid of an office chair and a gaming chair as well. It comes with numerous benefits and features and its price is of mid-range. It is luxurious and at the same time it also offers a limited lifetime warranty. This chair also includes a 4D maneuverability and adjustable armrests which makes it one of the most versatile adjustable chairs. Aside from that, it also has durable casters and frame that makes this chair very strong and sturdy. It has angled grips and allows its users to put their feet against on top of the casters.

The only downside of this chair is the setting-up or assembling is a bit difficult.

8. AutoFull Breathable Mesh Gaming Chair

This chair is considered as a chair that is worth the money with its amazing features. Autofull is very supportive and would definitely address back problems and would reduce back stiffening. Its back is made of mesh which makes it breathable and at the same time durable. This chair is also adjustable and comes with hydraulic lift. Its armrests are adjustable also which bring you comfort whatever position you may wish to have. Moreover, the casters of this chair is also durable and includes unique grips on the top of the wheel frame. It is also versatile and could easily glide around the room anytime, anywhere.

AutoFull Breathable Mesh Gaming Chair offers lifetime warranty on its frame and 24 months on its parts.

9. Noblechairs Icon Edition

Noblechairs Icon Edition is a hybrid chair that comes with the ability to switch from professional function chair to a gaming chair. This chair is loved by many but unfortunately it also comes with a price. Though it is a bit expensive, this chair is worth it. It comes with a PU leather which provides comfort yet at the same time is very durable. It allows you to swivel, tilt and customize it as well. Its design is breathable which allows airflow and sweat control. It frame is made od steel which makes it very sturdy and durable as well.

10. Homall Executive Gaming Chair

This chair could be reclined and swiveled which makes this gaming chair versatile and comfortable. It could accommodate up to 300lbs and comes with a three modes of hydraulics. It includes a lumbar and headrest support. This chair offers a refund policy up to thirty days and one-year warranty on its parts, installation problems and damage.

The downsides of this chair however are that it is a bit difficult to set-up and assemble, its casters require jerking motion to be able to move it and its armrests are just basic.

11. Ficmax Ergonomic

Are you the type of gamer that couldn’t get up and is stayed glued to the chair? Then this chair is perfect for you. It is very comfortable and could accommodate up to 300lbs. It comes with numerous supports in numerous areas of your body that would help you feel comfortable even if you play all night. It includes a cushioned and tightly-designed headrest which allows its users to lean back and tilt up to 90 degrees. Moreover, this chair also offers lower lumbar support and an additional leg cushions. Its armrests are also adjustable.

12. OFM Essentials Racing Leather Gaming Chair

This chair is aesthetically appealing. It comes in multiple colors and is made of leather. It is also comfortable and offers you more room. It is easy to assemble and is very sturdy. Its casters are easy to move and would take about forty miles to show any wear and tear.

The downsides however are, after 18 months of use, there are some reported issues and its tilt and swivel functions are limited.

13. GTracing Gaming Office Chair

This chair comes in red and black design and offers comfort in its support of lower lumbar and headrest cushioning. It could accommodate up to 330lbs. Moreover, this chair offers a cup-like bottom where lipped edges could envelop you in comfort.

The downsides however are the tilt function would need force to be tilted which means you cannot just lean back to enjoy the said function and unfortunately the armrests are uncomfortable and its feels awkward.

14. Furmax Ergonomic Swivel Gaming Chair

Furmax Ergonomic Swivel Gaming Chair is designed with Playstation colors. It is ultra and very comfortable gaming chair. It offers lower lumbar support, headrest and leg rest support but its bottom cushion is a bit thinner. This means, about three hours of gaming session would bring you a bit of numbness on the butt.

This chair could accommodate up to 310lbs and its bucket seat is wide to fit different body types and styles. Assembling this chair could take you about thirty minutes but it is sturdy with its swivel and gliding wheels.

15. Homgrace Ergonomic Office Chair

Unlike the other gaming chairs mentioned above, this chair does not offer lumbar support and headrest but it gives its users evenly spaced comfort and PU leather comfort. You could swivel, tilt and roll this chair on hard surfaces or on a desk mat. Unfortunately, this chair is not great to wheeled on carpet.

This chair could accommodate up to 330 lbs and is simple and easy to assemble. Moreover, this brand and model is pocket and budget-friendly.

16. CMO Ergonomic Mesh- Back Gaming Chair

This chair is not padded with lumbar support but it comes with perfect adjustable headrest and armrests. Though it would seem that this chair is uncomfortable, it is actually the opposite. You could make adjustments according to the level of comfort you need and its mesh design offers support and comfort. However, and unfortunately, this chair is a bit on the pricier side.

17. HappyGame Formula Racing Chair

Planning to play games for long periods of time? this chair is perfect for you. It offers comfort and support in its lumbar, headrest support and wide construction on its wheels and it could also accommodate up to 330lbs. The chair is also evenly distributed throughout its frame and includes bucket-style seating. Moreover, this chair comes with locking wheels which will lock you in place while you are playing.

18. Killabee Big and Tall Racing Leather Gaming Chair

One of the most favorite gaming chairs, this chair brings you luxurious features that you would surely enjoy. It offers tilt it back and swivel it around features. It comes with a unidirectional, customized mechanical movement that offers easy to alter lever settings. It could accommodate up to 350lbs that is evenly spread out amongst its entire frame. This chair is one of the most durable gaming chairs.

Unfortunately, this chair comes with a few negative reviews on its shipping.

19. Turismo Racing Ancora Series

This chair is in the range of mid-priced gaming chairs. It comes with medium weight and offers excellent features. It offers comfortable headrest and lumbar cushion support. Its bucket-style seat would definitely wrap you in comfort. This chair could accommodate up to 240lbs and is very stylish, comfortable and easy to adjust.

Buyer’s Guide and FAQs

Since we have featured and reviewed the best gaming chairs, we have decided to bring this article much further by providing you more information on how to choose and what factors you should consider in choosing the best gaming chair for you.

How We Select the Best Gaming Chairs

The gaming chairs that we have selected to be part of the list of the best in this article are based on the following criteria:

  1. Warranty
  2. Customer service response rate
  3. Design
  4. Price vs Value
  5. Comfort
  6. Ease of Use and Easy to assemble
  7. Support Features
  8. Mobility
  9. Customization

Though not every chair would ace all these criteria, they are the best among the rest that we have tested, reviewed and researched.

Features to Consider

  1. Comfort – this is one of the most important factors you will need to consider. Gamers usually stay glued on their chairs once they have started playing and it is important that while you play you are comfortable and relaxed.
  2. Support – aside from comfort comes the issue of support. Through it you will be able to sit longer than the usual as supports provide you the comfortability for your body to be in a stable position. Through it you will be able to lean forward and will not screw your posture.
  3. Value – You would want to purchase a product that will be right for you. Value is important factor that provides you the worthiness of the product vs the price you will be purchasing it at.
  4. Mobility – You will also need to consider the quality of the wheels of your gaming chair. After all this is one of the supports your chair has. Moreover, it is also a factor of how you will be able to move your chair from one place to another. Could it be rolled on hardwood or carpet?

Types of Gaming Chairs

1. Memory Foam – Memory foam is usually what most furniture have and gaming chairs are not an exception. This chair provides the best support and is recommended for children because this type of chair is more for console games rather than PC games.

2. Racer– This is the bucket-style seating, removable lumbar cushions and adjustable armrests type of gaming chairs. These are the most common and usual type of gaming chairs.

3. Bean Bag – These are no longer in the market but we have decided to include this in this article to warn you. These type of chair does not provide enough support and would probably give you back problems.


1. What is a Gaming Chair?

Gaming chairs are traditional office chairs but are better in terms of flair and it could hold and accommodate more weight. It offers more comfort and support for long gaming sessions. However, they are not too comfortable that you will doze off once your back touches it. It offers you to maintain your posture that will keep you alert while playing your game.

2. What benefits do gaming chairs have compared to office chairs?

Office chairs and gaming chairs differ in price as office chairs only provide basic necessities for basic desk chair use. It does not offer optimal comfort and support. The main benefits that gaming chairs offer are the following:

  • Bucket Style Seating – Though this is one of the most common type of gaming chairs, it is the best when it comes to comfort of your butt. With this chair, you will not have to experience the pins and needles on your legs.
  • Lumbar Support – gaming chairs offer support that would alleviate back pain which will allow you to be able to play for long periods of time.
  • Additional Support – Office chairs could only accommodate average weight but with gaming chairs, it could allow up to a maximum of 350lbs.
  • Increased Design Elements – It is more aesthetically appealing and comes with intricate design elements.

3. Can gaming chairs improve gaming abilities?

This would depend on your playstyle. If you are the type of gamer that needs to lean forward, you would still get the support of lumbar cushion and bucket style seating which means you would not need to focus on trying to keep your butt on the seat or on not slipping. If you are more of a logic gamer, gaming chairs would be able to help you improve your focus.

4. What is the average price range for gaming chairs?

It would depend on the grade you would wish to purchase. If you are willing to compromise on some features, you could get a gaming chair as low as $100.00. There are chairs that are affordable and cheaper than others but you will need to see what type of features that it will lack.

5. What about comfort console gaming?

The usual setup would be on an elevated shelf so one could experience utmost comfortability and without having to strain your neck up and down. With the right set-up, console gaming would be more comfortable and would be an excellent alternative for straight back office chairs.

6. How difficult is it to assemble gaming chairs?

This would be subjective depending on one’s skill level on building furniture. Every model and type of chair has its own difficulties but most manufacturers ensure that they create a model that is simple to assemble as much as possible.

The most common issue of gaming chairs is its adjustment mechanisms. Attaching these are challenging but we could assure you, it is worth the effort when done properly.

7. Should I consider my height when buying a gaming chair?

One recommendation when purchasing a gaming chair is the weight that the chair could accommodate. Unless you are classified as “Big and Tall”, most gaming chairs come with high backs that would allow you to lean back and enjoy your games with comfort. This means, your height is not much of a factor as most chairs would have high back support.

Big and Tall

Differences Between Standard and Big/Tall Chairs

Standard chairs are created and designed for those with average, standard guys but if you are beyond them, and you are after superior comfort, support and more stylish chair, here are a few points on how to differentiate a standard chair from a big and tall chairs:

  • Weight capacity – big and all chairs are more customized and could accommodate people that weighs 300 lbs and more.
  • Support – if you plan to play four to six hours, you will need something that will support your back and neck and fortunately, a big/tall chair could provide these to you.
  • Swivel and Lean – Most big and tall chairs could swivel around up to 360 degrees and could tilt up to 90-degrees lean radius.

Design Elements

Though a comfortable chair is very tempting to purchase, we recommend two important factors you should consider when choosing a gaming chair and that is function and flair. Though gaming set-up is important, there is nothing wrong if you could coordinate style with features and functions.


Here are a few features that could come in handy with the style or design of a chair:

  1. Lower lumbar support
  2. Neck support and cushion
  3. Padded armrest
  4. 90-degree angle lean

Average Chair Lifespan

Though most gaming chair products do not have much information on the average lifespan, they offer warranties. Though they are not the same but it more or less, give us an idea on how long they could last. Example if they offer 3-year warranty, the manufacturers would bet that the product could last at least six years.

Rule of thumb, you will need to look at the materials used, stitching, cushions and angle and of course you will also have to look at the weight capacity of the chair before purchasing.

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