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Applications in smartphones have gone a long way and has brought so much convenience in one’s everyday living. One could now order food and even buy or sell cars without having to go out. With this, we have decided to feature the best car selling apps for both Android and Apple devices.

1. Edmunds

Edmunds is well-known for being comprehensive. It allows its users to be able to compare vehicles and check all prices and features of the cars. Aside from that, it also has a price calculator which will let you know how much you should pay. Through Edmunds, you will be able to either rent or buy cars. All its offered cars have warranty and fuel economy data.


2. CarMax

CarMax is known for its huge inventory of used cars. It has about 40,000 on its system and offers key information on each model that they sell. In addition to that, users could compare up to 10 cars of their choice. You could also get a history report and reviews from experts.


3. Used Car Search Pro

Used Car Search Pro is developed by iSeeCars. It comes with 59 search filters and has about 40,000 ads to choose from. This app involves vehicle dealers and private owners. Which means, they could track their customers.


4. Hemmings Classic Cars

Hemmings is one of the most trusted buying and selling classic cars app. They feature and sell vintage cars. In addition to that, they also have parts if you need any for your vintage car. They have about 20,000 ads which means, you will be able to choose the best that will suit your taste.


5. Instamotor

Instamotor is one of the newest apps in the buying and selling of cars industry. Each car listed in their app has vehicle history report, fraud check, recall check and many more. Istamotor is only available in San Francisco Bay, San Diego, Los Angeles, Dallas and Huston.


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