Fallout 4 Confirmed-See The New Trailer Here

The “let’s give everything away before E3” train pulled into it’s next stop today as Fallout 4 was officially confirmed via the release of a new trailer. As we reported there was evidence of this trailer’s existence over a month ago so the unveiling was not entirely a surprise. Then yesterday Bethesda Softworks put a countdown clock on a Fallout sub site. That countdown an out this morning and the trailer was revealed:

The trailer opens in a very similar manner to several of the Fallout 3 trailers, starting on a seemingly normal old TV set, pulling back to reveal the irradiated wasteland that surrounds it. This time, as we travel through a burned out home, we flash back and forth to the moments before the nuclear war started. We hear radio reports followed by a voice over, which certainly sounds like Ron Perlman who narrated the previous game, that ends with the same words as the original Fallout 3 reveal trailer. “War never changes.”

Fallout 4 takes place in and around Boston, MA.  Several Boston landmarks including the stature of Paul Revere, the Bunker Hill Monument and the USS Constitution can be seen in the video.

Our hero comes from Vault 111 and is seen at the end of the trailer with his dog.  Dogmeat was the name of an optional sidekick character in Fallout 3. The most interesting thing about out Vault Dweller in the trailer, however, is that he speaks.

In the previous Fallout games, as well as the Bethesda’s Elder Scrolls series, we have always previously played with a silent protagonist. The implication is that this will not be case with Fallout 4. It certainly appears that our lead character will have a voice of his (or her?) own this time around. 

The final piece of the trailer confirms the game will be released on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.

Bethesda will have their own Media Briefing at E3 for the first time this year, so expect to hear a lot more about Fallout 4 as well as the upcoming Doom game. Their Press Conference is scheduled for Sunday June 14.

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