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Free up storage on Android without deleting one photo

You dread the moment, but it comes to every smartphone user: it happens when you see the message that says “storage full” or “there is no more storage available” on your Android device. You could be preparing to update your device to the latest Android update (say, Android 6.0 Marshmallow), only to receive the message that your storage space is full on the device. You need storage on your Android device so as to take more photos, download music and videos, record videos of loved ones (nieces and nephews, perhaps), and live life with your Android device. At this point, you’re looking for a quick solution. You don’t want to delete pictures, documents, or any other data to free up storage on Android and get on with your life; no — you want to find a quick solution that won’t mandate an hour of your time. In fact, if you follow our method, you’ll free up storage on Android in less than an hour, in less than 10 minutes, and without deleting one photo.

Here’s how to free up storage on Android without deleting one photo:

• First, go to your phone settings, and find the category labeled “storage.” Select it.
• On the next page, you’ll see the device memory, with a layout of available space, your applications (or apps), pictures/videos, audio, and miscellaneous files. Below the “audio” and above “miscellaneous files,” you’ll see the section that says “cached data” with a certain amount of data beneath it (either in megabytes, MB, or gigabytes, GB). If you’re seeing 1GB or higher (3.6GB, for example), then you will receive a lot of storage back when you perform the method we emphasize here. 100MB, for example, isn’t a lot of data but will allow you to download a few additional apps.
• Next, to free up storage on Android without deleting one photo, you’ll need to touch the “cached data” listed there. You will see the popup message that says “Clear cached data: this will clear cached data for all apps.” You are to agree to this and press the word “delete.” Do not press “cancel,” otherwise, you’ll still not free up storage on Android.
• After pressing “delete,” you’ll see your available space or storage on the device increase. Look back at cached data, and you’ll see that all the space once located there has been eliminated. Where did all the cached data storage go? It went back into your available storage.

free up storage on Android     1Screenshot_2016-01-10-01-37-57 Screenshot_2016-01-10-01-38-30

This is how to free up storage on Android: just delete your cached data whenever your storage is running out, particularly if you haven’t done it in a while.

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