Galaxy Note 6 model numbers leak, US to get same number with faster updates

Samsung is one of the biggest names in Android, and the Korean giant has proven that it can more than handle the spotlight, with devices that just get better and better every year. Of course, Google Nexus fans disagree with some things about Samsung devices, namely, the fact that they all receive slower updates than Google’s own Nexus line. These individuals prize fast updates, and Google, the owner of Android, can send them out whenever they like; chances are, you could bet on Google sending updates to Nexus devices first and win the bet every time.

With that said, the Galaxy Note 6 that’s headed to market will give Samsung an opportunity to prove that its devices can tackle the one area in which Google fans have punched Samsung for years. The solution? The same model number for its devices. We don’t know all the model numbers yet, but the latest Galaxy Note 6 model list shows the US getting the same exact model number for all versions (with the last letter being tied to different carriers, of course).

The Galaxy Note 6 model number list shows that Verizon, Sprint, AT&T, and T-Mobile all have the same model number for the upcoming device (SM-N930U). There is an advantage to this: US models will get faster updates in the future, preventing some from getting it while others wait. At the moment, Verizon and T-Mobile Galaxy Note 5 variants have already received Marshmallow, but my friend (whose an AT&T customer, by the way) is having to wait a few more weeks out before Marshmallow lands for him (and even then, the arrival date is a guesstimate). The Galaxy Note 6 may indeed show a push from Samsung to ensure that users get faster updates than ever before, even if those updates still can’t best Google (for obvious reasons).

The model number SM-N930U is reflective of the Galaxy Note 6, seeing that the Galaxy Note 5 has the model number SM-N920. Next, the Galaxy Note 6 model list also shows us the word “Grace” beside each variant, a testimony to the codename behind the project. Yes, the Galaxy Note 6 is internally called “Grace” within Samsung’s headquarters. Perhaps “Grace” connects with updates here? There could be other reasons behind the codename, such as the fact that IP68 water and dust resistance may come to the line that Samsung has left “in the water” (pun intended) for years without water protection.

What we know right now about the Galaxy Note 6 is that it will feature a 5.8-inch, Super RGB AMOLED display with a 1440p Quad HD screen resolution, 6GB of RAM, a 12MP back camera, 32GB/64GB of storage, and a monster battery. Samsung has increased the Galaxy S7 edge battery to 3,600mAh, and we hope to see the Galaxy Note 6 get a battery life to match the Galaxy S7 edge. Android N may come pre-installed on the device, though the timing of the announcement (August) is just a few weeks out before Google announces Android N. Samsung could always wait a few more weeks, but the Korean manufacturer’s desire to get ahead of its American rival will prevent that from happening.

All in all, the Note 6 is shaping up to be one fantastic device. Stay tuned to Aptgadget as we continue to track down Galaxy Note 6 leaks and rumors before the big announcement.


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