GoNutss – The Vegan Translator Review

Going vegan brings many benefits for the planet and your health, but making the transition to a plant-based diet and lifestyle can be challenging. Many popular foods and commonly used products contain animal-derived ingredients. Things can be particularly difficult when you love cooking and baking and need to replace milk, cheese, eggs and other products that seem indispensable. Contrary to what many people believe, opting for veganism doesn’t mean that you have to forget about ice cream, cakes, pizza and other delicious foods. You can find a vegan alternative for everything with the help of GoNutss – The Vegan Translator.

This free app is designed to help you to find vegan replacement for any food. The options presented allow you to create recipes that are so delicious, that you will likely forget about the non-vegan version. GoNutss is a simple solution that works like a language translator. You just need to enter the name of the food that you need to replace with a vegan option and the app gives you a list of plant-based products that you can consider. The app offers a great selection of Vegan recipes, but even if you are following a traditional recipe that calls for eggs, you can easily find an alternative using GoNutss.

The easy way to be vegan

The interface of the app features a simple, neat design that allows you to find what you need easily and fast. The information is presented in a clear manner and you can see photos of the products and the recipes available, along with a brief description. Each product includes information about allergens, which is very useful when you have to avoid certain things in your diet. There are also filters that allow you to look for items that meet a specific criteria. You can look for products that are gluten free, organic, raw, peanut free, sugar free, tree nut free, non GMO or that don’t contain soy. You can also find special recommendations from GoNutss.

Apart from seeing more information about the products selected, you will get the chance to purchase it from Amazon or iHerb. You also get to see a list products that could interest you based on your search. There are hundreds of high quality products listed and you can find anything from fish alternatives to cheese replacements and amazing vegan sweets. There are different categories that will help you to find ingredients, products and recipes that are related to that option. Speaking of recipes, you will be amazed by the great collection of dishes, desserts, homemade spreads and more that Gonutss offers. Each recipe displays the preparation and total time required, as well as the level of difficulty.

The recipes are easy to follow and they feature links that will take you to the pages of the ingredients required, or to related recipes. The app has a sleek design and it offers seamless performance. There are no complicated options, you just tick a few boxes to find the recipes that suit your diet and time requirements. For instance, if you are looking for a delicious vegan meal that is fast, simple and gluten free, you can use the filters to instantly get recipes that don’t contain gluten, that are easy to prepare and that take less than 10 minutes. The recipes are original and new ones are added on a regular basis.



Created by Neta Dror and Dror Grof, GoNutss aims to help new vegans to get familiar with the ingredients and options that are suitable for their diet. It is also a great resource for experienced vegans and it will even inspire non-vegans to try plant-based alternatives. Neta and Dror have been vegans for many years and they understand the initial challenges faced by those who are adopting this way of life. The app offers the necessary information to make the transition smooth and its selection of products and recipes will encourage you to stay vegan.

We particularly like the baking and protein calculators. They will help you to replace animal-derived ingredients with vegan options to get the best results while you are baking a cake, or when you need to boost your protein intake after your exercise routine. Another great feature is the Veganpedia, which gives you easy access to a list of raw materials that every vegan needs to know about. If you are thinking about going vegan but don’t know where to start, we highly recommend you to download GoNutss.

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