A Guide to Play Fortnite On Android And iOS

If you have a knack for playing Fortnite on your smartphone, then we have some tips for you. It doesn’t matter if you play on Android or iOS; these tips will save your life!

Set for it

You have to customize your settings. Adjust the sensitivity of the screen and change it according to your preferences. Pump up all three control sensitivities. This way, you wont have to struggle much just to move around. You also have to mind a few parameters when it comes to deactivating a building. You better choose at every time about what you should put in and not, this is far better than spending the resources automatically. For an immersive experience, you have to tweak your in-game settings using an online tool.

There are reliable tools made for Fortnite that help players change the game settings to improve their gameplay experience, so, if you are experiencing lags or glitches, use fortnitesettingspro to remove these issues.

Land Close to Your Crew

Do you know what’s the most embarrassing thing there is when it comes to playing fortnight? Its getting shot out right after you have landed. So, to keep that from happening, you better choose where you land, and make it close to your teammates. If you are playing the game as a couple or team, you better take full advantage of it.

When it comes to the shooter game, unity is key. You have to fly fast ahead and head for the area where all of you agreed to lang.

As you get close to the ground, the glider opens up. This sounds tricky, but if you leverage this, you can land faster.

Once again, carefully choose where you land. You don’t want to go to a building that has someone inside it already. If you don’t have much practice with the glider, try landing on a roof.


If you want to be hard to shoot, you have to be on your toes. Being on the move is essential when it comes to surviving an online shooter match.

Moving targets are always hard to hit. So, when you move from one spot to another, you better make it quick. Get up to the speed; you can do it by simply double tapping the thumbstick to lock yourself into running mode. You have to repeat to change back to walking once you are safe.

If Someone Shoots, Jump!

When you make a jump, its harder for others to catch up, you need to repeat this moving because once again a moving target is harder to hit. You might as well call this frogging because everyone did that in COD MW.

But you might have a valid reason. Fortnite lets you hear or see bullets whistle around you when you move. So, you are jumping to save your life. If you want to take one life-saving tip, its movement is essential to save for long.

Loot Stuff Apart from Weapons

Looting is the key to winning. There are five grades of weapons available. There are different classes from normal to legendary. Yes, you need the latest and greatest to get a competitive edge. You will recognize them by their colors. If you don’t have loot boxes around you, other players around you have valuable items that you can take from their dead fingers.

Yes, you will find enough ammunition, but you better save just in case you run into trouble.  You better carry a long-range rifle all the times, it gives you more coverage.


Everyone starts with a pick. You can use it to attack the surrounding and harvest materials like wood and stone. Just like Minecraft, the world of Fortnite is made up of comprised invisible blocks. Most of these blocks have valuable resources.

You can hit anything with the pick. Unless you have to use it as an environmental feature, it’s better if you chop everything and save materials to use them be later. But you better make sure you are alone and safe when you do it.

Buildings Save You

This is perhaps the hardest difficult aspect of this game thanks to the precision of touch controls. You will need a lot of practice. When you build, you need strong materials outside and wood on the inside. This tactic helps to save hard materials. First, build walls because they will defend you. Once done, get a tactical advantage by building a room to shoot from a vantage point.

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