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How to Link Your Amazon Prime to Twitch

Gaming is one of the most favorite activities of many. Gaming is not only playing online games, it also involves watching game plays on different platforms such as Twitch. In this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to link your amazon prime to twitch which means, if you do not watch long hours of Fortnite gameplay or do not know what COD stands for, you came to the right place as these information are involved in the steps that would help you link your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account.

What is Twitch Prime?

Twitch, as mentioned earlier is a popular streaming platform where its contents are focused on showing game plays. This platform has about 10 million visitors monthly and has about 2 million streamers. Aside from being able to watch gameplays, you will also be able to join live streaming of chat shows, music, art and TV style shows.

As mentioned earlier, there are about 2 million streamers who are members of the Twitch Partner program which allows them to earn money. Though this might be similar to YouTube’s program, however, unlike YouTube, which allows you to subscribe to channels for free, on Twitch, you will have to pay for you to be able to subscribe. This allows streamers to earn a percentage of the subscriber fee. Streamers could also get tips, donations and sponsorships. In fact, its most popular Twitch streamer, Ninja is reported to be earning about $500,000 every month.

Twitch was bought by Amazon in 2014 and ever since, Amazon has a product/program which they offer that gamers truly enjoy – Twitch Prime. Through the Twitch Prime, you will be able to connect your Amazon Prime account to your Twitch account. By doing so, you will be able to access and get a lot of features on Twitch without having to pay additional costs.

For example, you will be able to follow a streamer for free. Though this is the case, keep in mind that you will still have to pay if you wish to subscribe to a channel. Through Twitch Prime, you will be able to get one channel subscription every 30 days. You will also be able to get in-game loot in popular games like PUBG and Fortnite.

Who Can Get Twitch Prime?

You could get Twitch Prime if you are in US, Mexico, Canada, Italy, Germany, Austria, France, Japan, Spain, Singapore, Netherlands, Australia and United Kingdom.

How Could You Get Twitch Prime?

  • Log into your Amazon Prime Account
  • Click on Prime
  • Select Twitch Prime
  • Sign in to confirm your Amazon username and password
  • Sign into your Twitch to confirm your Twitch username and password
  • Click on Confirm button on Confirm Link screen

How to Disconnect your Twitch Prime from Your Amazon Prime?

  • Select your Twitch name
  • Select Settings
  • Click on Connection
  • Select Disconnect

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