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How to Remove CladRumble Adware from Your Operating System

Safety from getting infected by virus, malware and even adware is important for device owners. One way to keep your device from such risks is by learning and keeping up to date on the adwares that are circulating in the net. One of them is CladRumble which is considered by many as an adware.

CladRumble Adware Overview

Adware is a software which introduces intrusive advertisements. Though CladRumble shows ads that are not relevant, it still poses risk and danger. In fact, adware may contain online scams, harmful sites where you could get redirected and even malware. What is worst is that there are even some advertisements which could execute scripts which could install and download harmful programs. Hence, it is important to be cautious and careful whenever you are surfing the net or installing programs. Keep in mind as well that legitimate and real products that you see on ads are very unlikely to be promoted by developers but instead are most likely to be promoted by scammers.

CladRumble, unfortunately, comes with browser hijacker functionalities. It could also track data such as browsing and engine histories, credit card numbers, usernames and passwords. The bad news is these data are often shared and sold to third parties.

Adware Examples

Adware-type applications

  • SkyWard
  • DigitalInitiator
  • ProcesserGrid

How Did CladRumble Install On My Computer?

One of the characteristics of an Adware is that it could be bundled with other ordinary programs. Another way that it could be installed on your computer is through downloading from dubious channels. For example, unofficial and freeware websites, peer-to-peer sharing networks and rushed installations. These types of sites could definitely increase your risk of your device getting infected.

Moreover, there are some fake updaters and installers which have been distributed in the market which could include intrusive advertisements and once clicked, it could execute scripts to download and install without any permission.

How to Avoid Installation of Adware?

We highly recommend for you to do some research before you download or use any software. Ensure that they are from official and verified sites. Moreover, before you install programs, make sure that you read its terms and check options. Use custom/advanced settings. This way, you will be able to opt out of all supplementary apps, features and tools.

We also suggest for you to exercise caution when browsing illegitimate and malicious content. If you experience redirections and excessive advertisements, we highly recommend for you to inspect your device and remove all suspicious applications that you would find. You would be able to do this effectively with the use of Combo Cleaner Antivirus for macOS.

Instant Automatic Mac Malware Removal

Trying to remove threats manually could be challenging, complicated and is usually long process. Most often than not, you would need advanced computer skills which is why it is more convenient to use a professional automatic malware removal tool such as Combo Cleaner.

How to Remove the CladRumble Adware From Your Operating System

Remove CladRumble Adware from Applications folder

  • Click on Finder Icon
  • Select Applications
  • Search for MPlayerX, NicePlayer
  • Drag the mentioned applications to Trash
  • Scan your Mac for other potential suspicious applications

Remove Adware-Related Files and Folders

  • Click on the finder icon
  • Right click and select Go to Folder
  • Check adware related files by typing in go to folder bar /Library/LaunchAgents/ folder
  • Search for recently added files that seem to be suspicious such as installmac.AppRemoval.plish,, mykotlerino.ltvbit.plist, kuklorest.update.plist.
  • Move them to trash
  • Follow the steps provided above for ~/Library/Application Support/ , ~/Library/LaunchAgents/ and /Library/LaunchDaemons/ folders
  • Scan your Mac with Combo Cleaner by downloading the tool and installing it. Click on the Start Combo Scan button.

Remove Malicious Extensions

Malicious Safari Extensions

  • Open Safari browser
  • Select Safari
  • Click Preferences
  • Select Extensions
  • Search for recently installed suspicious extensions
  • Click Uninstall button next to the extensions

Google Chrome

  • Click on the Chrome icon menu
  • Select More Tools
  • Click Extensions
  • Search for recently installed suspicious extensions and select them
  • Click Remove

Mozilla Firefox

  • Click on the Firefox menu
  • Select Add-ons and themes
  • Click Extensions
  • Search for recently installed suspicious extensions
  • Select the recently installed suspicious extensions
  • Click on the three dots and click remove


What harm can adware cause?

Adware could slow down and decrease the performance of your system and the browsing quality. Adware could also track your online activities which could be a huge threat to your privacy.

What does adware do?

Adware comes with intrusive advertisement campaigns which could redirect you to webpages which could be infectious.

How do adware developers generate revenue?

They generate revenue through endorsing websites, applications, products and services.

Could Combo Cleaner remove CladRumble adware?

Yes, it could scan the systems and it could also remove installed adware-type applications.

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