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Here’s How to See Your Liked Posts on Instagram

Just like most social media platforms, Instagram also stores history of liked posts and what is more amazing is that its users could them in the app itself. This feature, unfortunately, is not known by all Instagram users. One of the reasons of this is because this feature is not obvious and is hidden somewhere in the settings. Do not worry as through this article, we shall uncover this and provide you the ability to see liked posts on your Instagram account. 

Learning how to see liked posts on Instagram is a convenient and very handy ability especially when you would want to look back on photos and videos that you’ve liked. Through this feature, you will also be able to unlike certain posts which you have liked before. You will no longer have to search for liked posts manually. 

As for Instagram mentions, unfortunately, there is a limit where you will only be able to see the 300 most recent posts that has been liked. Keep in mind as well that you will not be able to see others who have liked posts due to privacy reasons. With that said, let us now get into details and learn how to find liked posts on Instagram. 

How to See Posts You Have Liked On Instagram

Take note that the steps provided below are for those who have the latest version of Instagram. 

  • On your Instagram, go to your profile tab
  • Go to ‘Your activity’
  • Once you are already on the ‘Your Activity’, select or tap on ‘Interactions’
  • Tap on ‘Likes’
  • Now, you will see the likes page. You will be able to view posts, videos and reels which you have liked on Instagram
  • The posts, videos and reels are shown in the order of Newest to Oldest. This could be sorted and filtered according to your preference. 
  • If you wish, you could also unlike multiple liked posts all at once as well. 

How to Look at Liked Posts on Instagram 2021

  • Tap profile icon found at the bottom right of your Instagram app
  • Tap on the menu icon found at the top right 
  • Select Settings
  • Go to Account
  • Select Posts you’ve liked
  • Now you could see all of the recent liked photos and videos in grid layout. If you wish, you could also view content as it looks like on your Instagram feed. 

Keep in mind that the above stated steps are for iPhone users. Though that is the case, the process is similar for Android phones. 

How to Unlike Your Liked Posts On Instagram

As mentioned earlier, you could unlike your previous likes on posts. However, this is only possible for the 300 most recent photos, videos and reels. 


  • Go to Likes section 
  • Long press on a post you would wish to unlike
  • Tap unlike option 
  • You could also open a specific Instagram post
  • Tap the heart icon to unlike it


  • On the likes screen, tap on the video or photo
  • Drag your finger over the heart button
  • You could also open an individual post on your feed view to unlike it

How to View Your Liked Posts on PC

Unfortunately, the mentioned feature is not available on Personal Computers. Though you could like posts through Instagram website, unfortunately, you cannot see or view all the posts that you have liked on Instagram on PC or desktop. The reason behind this is because the web version of Instagram has basic functionality only. Though that is the case, do not worry as there are some workarounds. 


We hope that through this article, you were able to learn how to view liked posts and unlike liked posts on Instagram. 

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