Hp’s latest backpack can charge your laptop

Quite often we tend to forget to charge out laptops, tablet or phone when we leave the house. HP has just unveiled a solution to this by introducing a Powerup Backpack. The backpack looks like an ordinary backpack but can recharge a full-size laptop thanks to its 22,400mAh battery. With this much charge, users can recharge their smartphones up to 10 times.

The laptop charging is specific to HP laptop or at the very least laptops that can use HP’s 19V 4.5mm or 7.4mm barrel connectors. You cannot plug in other laptops, for instance, XPS or Macbook. Also, the USB micro cable is only compatible with Android phones and not iOS devices. iPhone and iPad users can solve this by purchasing some extra lightning cable to plug into the battery pack.

The canvas bag has well-ventilated pockets, sensor monitors and regulators that keep it from getting too hot. The default color scheme of the bag is black canvas with a tan handle that looks pretty good. Other than a few subtle HP logos, there is not a lot to suggest HP has produced it.

The FAA regulations usually state that any battery over 100 watts-hours should not be carried on luggage or even through checkpoints but exceptions can be made with airline approval.  The HP powerup Backpack is rated 84 watts-hour, meaning you can travel with it by use of air without seeking additional approvals. Despite this, it is essential to note that, different countries have different rules when it comes to high-capacity batteries, and it might raise some time-consuming issues.

The downside of the backpack is that it is 4.2 pounds, making it heavier than many laptops on the market.

The HP powerup Backpack will be available starting October 1st, and you can make your pre-order on Amazon starting today or alternatively have a look at portable solar panels for charging on the go.

featured Image credit:the verge

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