HTC Nexus 9 rumored to launch on October 16

According to a new report, Google’s next member of the Nexus family, the rumored HTC Nexus 9 (probably a tablet) is going to be launched on October 16th this year. The report was first leaked out by MoDaCo’s co-founder Paul O’Brien on his Twitter account who got the information from an anonymous source. According to him, Nexus 9 will be releasing in October.

Even though the actual source, which is an anonymous person, is not that credible, this news should be taken with a grain of salt. But, there are some pretty interesting things about the mentioned date. Google just announced the Android L developers preview few months ago and if there is something that history has told everyone is that Google always uses its Nexus devices to debut any new or major Android OS update.

The date, which is October 16th, makes totally sense considering the dates of the previous launches of Android OS and Nexus devices also fall around this date. Nexus 5 was released on 31st October last year along with the new Android OS version.

There are also some reports about the next Nexus smartphone. It is reported that Google has turned towards Motorola for the next Nexus smartphone (Nexus 6) but there is not much information to back this fact.

Not much information has been leaked out regarding the Nexus 9 specs but it is said that the device will include an 8MP rear camera and 2GB RAM. From HTC, Nexus 9 won’t be the only tablet that will be launched as according a source, HTC is due to announce multiple tablets soon.


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