HTC ONE M8 EYE might not make it to other markets

This month HTC launched a new segment including smartphones that are designed for people who like to take selfies and came up with two new smartphones the HTC Desire Eye and the HTC ONE M8 EYE. The HTC Desire Eye is going to be launched globally while same can’t be said about the HTC ONE M8 EYE as the phone was only announced silently in China without any official announcements what so ever.

If you don’t know the HTC ONE M8 EYE is similar to the original HTC ONE M8 with the exception of an upgraded camera and comes with a 13MP Duo Camera instead of a 4MP UltraPixel Duo Camera. A lot of HTC fans were happy about HTC’s decision as they always wanted a better camera on their HTC ONE M8 smartphone and were in hopes that HTC will launch their new HTC ONE M8 Eye phone globally.

Looks like that won’t be the case as HTC Still believes in its UltraPixel technology and has no plans to launch their HTC ONE M8 Eye phone globally or to the western markets where HTC is loved a lot, though according to HTC their HTC EYE smartphones are designed keeping specific markets in mind including India, but we don’t know what HTC means by that.

Maybe HTC does not want to accept that their UltraPixel experiment didn’t do as good as the company thought it would. Other than the low resolution camera HTC ONE M8 is one of the best flagship devices out there with a solid build which is beautiful to look at. HTC ONE M8 will continue to sale globally with the addition of the new HTC Desire Eye smartphone.

What do you think about HTC’s decision do you think it would have been better to launch the phone globally?

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