iPhone 6s owner gets rose gold iPhone early, tweets about her new arrival

Have you ordered your iPhone 6s yet? Well, if you have, it’s likely the case that you haven’t received it yet.

This isn’t the case for a San Diego, California AT&T customer who tweeted about her new iPhone 6s arriving sooner than expected on her doorstep yesterday: “Not sure how this happened but my #iphone6s arrived early @ATT @apple,” Adrienne (a.k.a @MoonshineDesign tweeted.

Adrienne got a rose gold iPhone 6s, which is Apple’s new color option for its latest smartphones. Since then, she’s been tweeting about the camera and video, showing Twitter members what they have to look forward to when their new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models arrive in the mail.

As for the outpouring of support, Adrienne has been shown love via her Twitter account by a cousin who says “I knew you before you were famous,” and by rare acquaintances who only know her because she got her rose gold iPhone 6s. Apparently, Apple’s new “apples” have made yet another unknown person famous – if only for a few days.

It just goes to show that you can never tell when your iPhone will show up in the mail. Make sure you’re ready to go famous, if you do.

You can check out Adrienne’s new rose gold iPhone 6s Twitter page at the source link below.



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