New Google Maps Driving Mode update predicts your destination

Google is always up to something with its Android software, and this still holds true in 2016. The search engine giant is back with a new Google Maps update that aims to predict your destination without you typing in a destination address. Of course, this Driving Mode will still need to be enabled manually, but you shouldn’t have too much trouble after that.

Google Maps accomplishes this because of the search engine giant’s prowess with web searches. Yes, you’ve typed thousands of search words and terms into the Google Search box, and Google has kept record of all of these. Based on what you’ve typed into Google Maps, the new software update, version 9.19, will predict your destination. It’ll be especially helpful for those who always type in their home address when they leave a new place or head somewhere. Google already has those searches, so there’s no need to waste time with typing it for yet another hundred million times.

It’ll be nice when the day arrives where Google Maps can predict where you’re going without you even pressing the Google Maps app, but until then, enjoy the new update. To find out more about what’s in store for the v.9.19 update, head to the source link below.

Google Maps v. 9.19-1 Google Maps v.9.19-2



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