QuickPad – An amazing solution to manage tasks and devices faster and easier than ever

Shortcuts are meant to help our lives easier and they do, to a certain extent. The problem is that in order to be able to complete tasks faster, you need to learn and remember all the shortcuts first. Then you need to press a series of buttons and if your keyboard is not cooperating, things can get messy pretty quickly. Imagine if there was a simple way to access, your favorite apps, the functions that you require and even the documents that you frequently use. Well, you don’t need to imagine it anymore, because someone has already come up with a solution.

A device that allows you to control the content that you use the most, without having to memorize shortcuts and complicated key combinations may sound like a magic wand that you would only see in a Fantasy story. But thanks to Quick Solutions, an innovative team of technology and design experts based in the UK, such device can be a reality very soon. QuickPad is a groundbreaking mix between a remote control and a keyboard, and it can help to boost your productivity and allow you to access games, videos and other entertainment options, faster than ever.

What is QuickPad?

QuickPad is a versatile, sleek device that resembles a remote control or a smartphone. It features a 6-inch LCD touchscreen and it comes with a variety of keyboards that let you tackle any action in a fast, effective way. QuickPad saves you the hassle of having to press several keys or enter complex commands in order to access the content that you need. With QuickPad, you can complete actions by pressing a single key. Instead of using your brainpower to remember commands, you can focus on getting things done. It can be used as a control to manage all your devices or as a customized keyboard that allows you to be on top of your tasks, thanks to efficient shortcuts.

At the moment, QuickPad is a project that is very close to reach its goal in Kickstarter. Quick Solutions, the company behind the device, is well ahead in terms of testing and setting up the necessary agreements to ensure that the QuickPad becomes the gadget that will revolutionize the way in which we complete actions.

How does it work?

QuickPad is powered by a Li-Ion battery 3000 mAh, it offers 2GB of RAM and supports wireless, fast connection via Bluetooth 4.2. You can also connect it to your computer using a USB cable. It can be used vertically or horizontally and it is compatible with Windows, macOS and Linux. In addition, the device is suitable for both left and right handed users. These features already show that QuickPad is a powerful, efficient and versatile solution that will come handy in many different scenarios, and we haven’t even gone deeper into its functionality.

Once you connect QuickPad to your computer and install the drivers (they are in QuickPad memory and the installation process starts automatically), the device will be ready to be used. You can choose from the presets available including Google Tools, Kid Pad and Office Survival Kit. These options allow you to manage apps that are commonly used for work or entertainment. QuickPad can increase your productivity as it allows you to access the information that you need faster. You will also be able to boost speed when managing your social media profiles and completing actions in your favorite games. Just press the relevant key and discover a new level of efficiency.

There are QuickPad keys already set for Graphic apps, Movie Editors, Social Media, 3D Design, Spreadsheets, SAP, Gaming and more. The tabs can be customized to suit your own preferences. You can change the shape, size, position of the keys, the quantity, function and even add your icons. It is also possible to use QuickPad as a calculator and to see data from online widgets and apps including weather, news and message notifications.

You can save up to 20 interactive screens and if you are working with complex software, QuickPad gives you the possibility of programming up to 45 shortcut keys/icons in a single screen. You will be able to use QuickPad with any application that has shortcut keys or that allows you to create your own shortcuts. In addition, QuickPad uses advanced software that supports clipboard for many texts and you can assign them to a separate button.

QuickPad can also be a gamer’s best friend, thanks to the fact that it lets you customize the most important actions, ensuring that you only need to press a key to complete them. Now, all your weapons, skills and items can be accessed faster and as we know, speed is crucial when it comes to winning a game. It is even possible to connect and use multiple QuickPads to increase speed even further.

QuickPad is designed with comfort and convenience in mind. It comes with folding stands and thanks to the rubber case, there is no slipping on the surface. The device has a high quality, responsive touchscreen, but if you prefer physical buttons, you are also covered. There are multiple silicone keyboards that you can place on the touch screen to manage your apps and actions. The customization options are endless as you also get sticker labels that you can print with your own graphics. This allows you to create buttons so that you can personalize your QuickPad experience.


QuickPad has all the potential to become a must-have device and we are excited to see it getting closer to hit the market. It offers incredible speed and versatility and apart from letting you complete actions faster, it gives you the chance to manage your devices (including mouse, printer and smart TV) in one place. Since the QuickPad is set to be open source, the possibilities are amazing. It is very likely that the Kickstart campaign is successful, which means that soon, you could have a QuickPad in your hands and enjoy the power of accessing several tasks by simply pressing a key.

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