Samsung plans to release a Tizen-powered Samsung Z2, could have a 4-inch display

Samsung has released a first-generation Z1 and then a Z3, abandoning the idea of a Samsung Z2. It seemed as though the company would press forward and leave the Z2 without love and care, but a new import sheet shows that the Korean giant has special plans for its Samsung Z2 that could feature a return to a smaller display for those that prefer it.

The import sheet for the Samsung Z2 shows the device’s model number, SM-Z200F, which seems to fit a Z2 when you consider that the device bearing model number SM-Z300 refers to the Samsung Z3, and SM-Z1XX refers to the original Samsung Z1 (Samsung is keen on bringing a Z1 successor to market, a Samsung Z1 (2016) device, if you will). It shows that the device in question has a 4-inch display, which seems to strike against the 5-inch display of the Tizen-powered Z3. We’ve heard that Samsung would release a high-end Tizen device this year, but the 4-inch Z2 in question isn’t the device that spec-hungry tech geeks are looking for.

The Samsung Z2 will support 4G LTE, which is a nice change of pace from the Z3 which only supports 3G cellular data. The Samsung Z2 is currently being tested in India, with all indications pointing to an India release when the Korean giant announces its existence. We don’t know what other markets the Z2 could come to, though Bangladesh and possibly Sri Lanka seem like other key emerging markets that Samsung has launched its Tizen devices in before.

The 4-inch smartphone market is one that has been woefully abandoned over the last few years, with Android OEMs going bonkers over wider displays, from 4.5-inch to now 5.7-inch displays. Samsung intends to bring a 5.9-inch Super AMOLED display to the upcoming Galaxy Note 6, which proves the point. This 4-inch smartphone would appease those in emerging markets who want a smaller form factor in a smartphone without compromising on features. The Z3 that is currently available doesn’t have 4G cell data connectivity, though it does come with Samsung’s latest updates (and the Z devices themselves are updated regularly).

Samsung may have been saving the Samsung Z2 for now, with the company having given no answer over why it skipped the Z2 moniker after releasing the Z3. There are some consumers in the market who’d love a 4-inch smartphone, though we understand this device is for emerging markets. Samsung has said it will sell Tizen smartphones in more industrialized markets like our own, but that remains to be seen.


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