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A presentation can make or break a business deal. It would also be crucial when you are looking to get a project ahead or when you need to impress your boss or colleagues. For students and teachers, presenting information in the best possible way is also important and could be decisive when it comes to academic progress.

There is a variety of options that will allow you to present ideas on slides but SlideIdea is an app that offers exclusive features that set it apart from the crowd. With this app created by Jianzhong Li, it is possible to create beautiful presentations without having to spend hours working on them. Combined with the convenience and high quality that devices like the iPad and Windows Surface tablets offer as presentation tools, SlideIdea will enable you to create memorable slides and we will find out more about it here.

What Can you Expect from SlideIdea

SlideIdea’s main purpose is to enable users to create powerful presentations within minutes. In order to achieve that, the app includes a wide set of ready-made templates, charts, images, graphs, charts and other useful option. The presentations created with SlideIdea can be interactive and offer an innovative way to display and discuss information in front of an audience. The Express creation mode allows users to come up with full-featured slide decks in a short while. The app is designed to give you all the elements to create presentations that are truly engaging and that leave the best impression.

As previously mentioned, SlideIdea is compatible with iPads and Windows Surface tablets and it brings new possibilities that will amaze people who have previously only used traditional solutions like PowerPoint. SlideIdea makes the slide creation process simple and while there are other apps that can do the same, SlideIdea offers technology and features that takes presentations a step further. Once you have your content ready, you just need to enter it and SlideIdea will take care of designing the slides. It makes things fast, easy and fun when you are creating a presentation.


The expansive Digital Whiteboard allows you to take note of simple or complex ideas. This is a practical feature to make sure that you don’t miss or forget useful information. The presentations can be broadcast to a projector and also to individual compatible devices that are connected to the same WiFi network. The unique playmode enables you to transition slides in an innovative way. You can surprise your audience and move between slides with exclusive navigation tools.

SlideIdea features Smart Widgets, which is a collection of interactive widgets that can be added to your slides to facilitate participation from the audience. Smart Widgets give audience the possibility of asking questions, send messages, cast their vote in polls and more, using their mobile devices. You can add a smart widget to your slide and each of them would have a unique ID that viewers can use to log in and interact with the content or add suggestions.

There is an option called SlideCasts, which lets you record, publish and browse features presentations within the app. You can see what other users have created with SlideIdea and share your own work with the community. The app also supports collaborative slide presentations, which means that you can create and share slides with others.


SlideIdea is an amazing solution to create presentations that keep your audience engaged and it offers great features. It is a powerful tool for anyone who needs to organize content and share ideas through beautiful slides. It is simple, innovative and provides unique options. You can download SlideIdea for free and enjoy all its potential to make your presentations stand out.

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