Best Smart Notification Apps for Android Users

Notifications are very important for gadget and smart phone users. Aside from enhancing one’s overall app experience, it informs and alerts you that you have a message, an event or you need to do something with a certain app. These notifications work even when the application is not on or not operating.

Android’s notification function and features are considered as efficient and mature. However, there are still a few hiccups and shortcomings like the ability to display notifications in an organized manner and through categories- games, messages, productivity, social, etc.

Fortunately, Android operates in an open nature which means third party apps could work as notification replacement. Hence, we have created a list of the best third party smart apps that could assist you in managing your notifications in a more reliable and efficient manner than Android’s default notification system.

1. Floatify

Need an advanced heads up? With Floatify, you will never go wrong. Aside from its advanced notifications, it allows its users to send messages from the notification. This means, you won’t have to unlock your phone and open the app just to reply. Aside from that, your phone will be able to automatically turn your screen on as soon as you lift or pick up your phone. If you wish for notifications not to bother you while you are playing games or doing something, you may do so with its SmartBlacklist function.

Through Floatify, you will be able to expand your notifications, customize your interaction settings and filter messages. Aside from that, you will also be able to customize the look of your notifications with different animation and colors.

2. Notistory

To manage your notifications, Notistory is one of the most recommended apps. Through it, you will be able to read texts and the sender of the message will not know that you have read their message/s already. In addition to that, you will be able to see all your notifications even if your apps are not running in the foreground.

Notistory caters notifications for SMS messages, emails, social media and call logs. The best thing about this notification app is it organizes and groups notification according to the type of app. Notistory also offers options such as registering keywords that will make your phone vibrate to notify you.

3. AcDisplay

If you wish for simple notifications, AcDisplay is perfect for you. It offers minimal and comes with beautiful screen display. It allows its users to open notifications directly from the lock screen and has a feature of having inactive hours that will enhance battery saving functions. In addition to that, AcDisplay uses your phone’s sensors to wake up your device every time you need it. Hence, if you lift your phone up, it will automatically turn on readily for your use.

Aside from all the features mentioned above, AcDisplay includes other features such as blacklist notifications, dynamic background and low-priority notifications.

4. Smart Notify

Smart Notify app comes with features of notifying its users in advanced. They will notify you in case you have an SMS. It also has a call manager wherein a pop-up window will appear to notify you about calls. In addition to that, notifications include information and data about your call, MMS and SMS. It will tell you the length of the call or how many rings for missed calls. It will also notify you if your battery is already full and if your signal is working or loss of signal.

Smart Notify also supports social media apps such as Whatsapp, Google + and Facebook. If you are bothered with unwanted calls, this app is capable of blocking calls and messages as well. If you need to silent notifications, you could customize and set up this app to silent mode.

5. APUS Message Center

Another simple notification app, APUS Message Center is one of the most powerful notification apps. It comes in simple and user-friendly interface. It offers notifications on unread messages from other apps such as SMS, email and whatsapp. It also alerts you of any missed incoming calls and number of unread messages.

APUS includes an anti-spam SMS filtering feature. This means, it could identify and recognize spams and will inform and warn you of malicious and phishing messages. This app works and supports Android devices like Samsung, Huawei, HTC, Sony and MOTO.

6. Notification Blocker

Through the Notification Blocker, you will be able to block junk or unwanted notifications by just tapping. Take note that you will not be able to hide system notifications such as USB charging device and running in the background.

Notification Blocker could be used for those annoying notifications. Aside from blocking them, it will organize it and gather them in one place. This way, your phone will remain clean and uncluttered. Aside from that, this app will keep your device from slowing down due to useless notifications.

7. Dynamic Notification

Get notifications and get to read them without having to unlocking your phone through Dynamic Notification. Through this app, you will be able to view the time, clock, lock button and app icon holding notification. The Dynamic Notification is smart enough to identify which notification is important and will alert you about it.

This app also offers options such as being able to change background colors, images, adjust its brightness and hide details. If your phone is in your bag, pocket or purse or if it is facing down on the table, this app will prevent your phone from lighting up.

8. Power Shade

Through Power Shade, you will be able to create your own notification drawer. You will also be able to customize its layout and assign colors for each component. In addition to that, all apps are grouped together and will let you reply to messages.

9. Shouter

Shouter is a voice notification app. This app will read your notification for you which comes in handy for those are driving. It will tell you who is calling and if you are busy, it will also read text messages for you.

This app comes with numerous customizable options such as disabling notifications of some apps and unknown numbers. Shouter could also do its job even when your phone is lock and if your phone is in silent, it will not read your notifications, messages and calls out loud.

10. Material Notification Shade

This app is a perfect substitute and alternative for your stock notification panel. Material Notification Shade comes with detection features and pre-designed, customizable themes. You could also change the color and shade of your notifications to light, colored and dark.

11. Flash Notification

Just as its name indicates, this app notifies its users through flash alerts. Your device’s backlight will flash whenever you have an SMS, calls or app notifications. Flash Notification comes in handy especially for those who needs to keep their phones on silent.

Flash Notification comes in different modes such as flash alerts, speedy alerts, stop flash alerts with volume and power key, turn off flash during low battery and vibrate, ring and silent mode alerts.

12. Notification Shortcuts

This app, Notification Shortcuts allows you to add shortcuts on your notification area. It caters to three types of shortcuts- bookmarks, app shortcuts and settings- brightness, GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth, toggle.

Notification Shortcuts offers both free version which allows single row shortcuts and paid version which allows you to add rows of shortcuts.

13. Talking Notification Girl

Talking Notification Girl will advise you whenever you have incoming chat messages, emails, calls, etc. by telling you verbally. In this app, you will have numerous options that you could adjust or tweak according to your preferences.

14. Volume Notification

Volume Notification is an open source app which means it does not require any permissions. Through this app, you will be able to put your phone sound slider to your notification drawer. You could use this app to toggle your background audio.

15. Notification History Log

Through Notification History Log, you will be able to access detailed information about all your past notifications even when you have deleted or unintentionally removed a notification. In addition to that, this app also allows you to manage your notifications and sort them as well. Moreover, all your details could be extracted and exported to Excel file or Word file.

16. Notification Bubbles

Just as what its name says, this app, Notification Bubbles displays notifications in beautiful bubbles on your home screen. It supports social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and gmail. The bubble design in this app floats and is pleasing to the eyes.

Notification Bubbles allows its users to customize its bubble designs and you could even assign shapes to certain people or task.

17. Notification Off (Root)

Notification Off is an app wherein you will be able to control your app notifications in a central way. It allows you to turn-off notifications which are located in one place. This means, you will not have to toggle notifications individually.

In Notification Off, you will need to perform root access. Once done, it will able to automatically disable notifications of new apps as soon as they are installed.

18. Heads-up Notifications

Heads-up Notifications lets you receive notifications through a floating pop-ups that include full texts and quick action buttons. In this app, you will be able to customize the design of your notifications. It also has a Pocket detection feature which will automatically turn-on whenever you take your phone out of your pocket.

19. Desktop Notifications

This app allows you to receive notifications on your computer instead on your phone. This is highly convenient especially to those who are glued to their laptops or computers. To make this app work, all you have to do is install this app on your phone and companion extension on your browser – Firefox or Chrome desktop.

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