Startup company Cypher has found a way to make your calls clear as crystal

While mobile devices have become exceptionally capable in these couple of years, lots of vendors and manufacturers have ended up neglecting several parts of the smartphone which have always remained with the mobile device ever since the first ever model of the cordless gadget was released in 1983. Those features are the battery and call making parts.

While the cameras, touchscreen, gesture sensors and various forms of smartphone tech have improved over the course of several years, call making quality has remained immutable which according to consumer reports have resulted in the devices being branded as ‘still sucking.’ While there are several noise cancelling technologies present in order to improve the quality of the call, none of them will be able to offer a solution that Cypher, a Salt Lake city startup company is bringing that will result in your phone calls become smoother than the flow of water.

Cypher is aiming to becoming a public company on Tuesday and has been working two years on a software that will be able to isolate a person’s voice. According to the company, this approach will be able to cut back background noise by 99 percent, improving the overall call quality regardless of the person’s current position and the noise pollution surrounding him / her. What is even more intriguing is that this technology will also be able to help voice recognition software such as Apple’s SIRI, Google’s Now and Microsoft’s Cortana to improve these software’s voice hearing capabilities, which will result in the rendering of more accurate results, without having to repeat a particular command over and over again.

According to Cypher CEO John Walker, the company is engaged in scouting up locations that end up being the worst hosts of noise pollution and it then starts working on a solution to present a crystal clear voice calling session through trial and error.

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