Steps to Defrost Your Samsung Ice Maker

Samsung fridge users love their Samsung fridge. However, there are some instances when you would experience where your Samsung fridge ice maker would stop producing ice. We understand how frustrating this is which is why through this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to fix this issue.

Samsung fridge ice maker could stop producing ice due to several reasons and one of them is due to frost and ice building up on your ice maker fan. To fix this, all you have to do is follow our guide below.

How do I defrost my Samsung ice maker?

For you to be able to defrost your Samsung ice maker, you will have to defrost your fridge manually. To do this, unplug your fridge and ensure that you leave the fridge door open. Wait for the built up ice to melt. If you are in a hurry, you could also force defrost your fridge by pressing combination of buttons on the display panel. You could also reset your ice maker through the test button.

Unplug your Samsung Ice Maker

If you have a lot of time in your hands and you do not mind waiting for hours, you could defrost your Samsung fridge ice maker by unplugging your appliance. However, if you need a faster method or solution, then, we recommend that you try method/step number 4.

Before you start with defrosting your fridge, ensure that you have a towel or rug underneath your fridge. This way you could be assured that your fridge will not spill melted ice/frost water.

Since Samsung fridge does not have defrost buttons, the best way to defrost your fridge is by defrosting the whole unit. Unplug it and leave the fridge door open. If you cannot unplug your fridge, go to the circuit breaker near the unit and switch it off. Keep in mind that when your fridge is on, you will not be able to defrost it.

Defrosting by unplugging your fridge could take about two to four hours depending on the thickness of the ice.

Leave the fridge door open

Once you have unplugged your fridge, as mentioned earlier, ensure that you leave the fridge door open. This way warm air would enter your fridge. This would help you melt the ice build ups.

We also suggest that you pull out the fridge a little and let its doors swing open. This way you could speed up the process.

Use a fan, boiling water bowls or a hairdryer

Another way to ensure a faster defrosting process is by placing a fan in front of a refrigerator. Put it right in front of the ice maker. This would help you melt the ice build ups faster.

You could also place bowls of boiling water on the shelves that are close to the walls. In this process, you could keep the fridge doors closed and replace the boiling water every 10 minutes. Keep in mind as well that when you put bowls of boiling water, ensure that you put a towel underneath them. This way you would not damage the shelves.

Another alternative is through the use of a hairdryer. This could provide you warm air.

Press and hold 2 control buttons

Another way to forcefully, faster and easier way to defrost your Samsung fridge is by accessing the force defrost mode. To do this, you will have to press a series of buttons on your Samsung fridge’s display panel. Keep in mind that when you do this, your fridge has to be turned on.

There are some Samsung fridge models where you will have to press and hold the fridge and energy saver buttons for about 8 to 12 seconds or until the display panel goes blank and a chime notification. When you hear the chime notification, this means that your fridge is on the test mode. There are different combination of buttons that could work on your fridge depending on the model of your Samsung fridge. Hence, it is important that you check your fridge’s manual to ensure the correct combination buttons that would and could apply on your unit.

  • lighting and freezer
  • flex zone and fridge
  • fridge and power save
  • freezer and cool select
  • control lock and freezer

Press any button on the display

Once the chime button notifies you, release the buttons that you are pressing and holding. Press any other button on the display panel. Once done, you will get a series of options on your display panel. Select forced mode system and select Fd or force defrost option.

Press the same button 2 to 3 times

When you go through your options, press the same button two to three times until you could select the Fd option. Once you select the Fd option, you will notice that your Samsung refrigerator will produce a long beep sound. This notification indicates that your fridge is now undergoing a force defrosting. This process would take about 5 minutes. Repeat steps from number 4 to 6 as long as you need.

Reset the fridge

  • Unplug the appliance
  • Wait for about 5 minutes
  • Replug your fridge
  • Turn it on
  • Check on your ice maker

Clean your ice maker

  • Press the release tab on your ice maker
  • Take out the ice bucket
  • Wipe and dry it by using a clean cotton towel
  • Inspect the gaps on the ice maker and dispenser
  • Return the ice bucket

Turn on your Samsung fridge

  • Once you are done replugging your fridge, check if the fridge interior light is on
  • Ensure that the vents are releasing cool air
  • Check if the control buttons are working
  • Check the LED backlights on the panel work
  • Ensure that the compressor, condenser and fan motor are running

Reset your fridge’s ice maker

  • Open your fridge’s door
  • Pull out the ice bucket
  • Go to the ice maker’s test button
  • Press and hold it until you hear the chime notification
  • Return the ice bucket for it to be able to catch the remaining ice

The test button could be located either on the side, near the front or at the bottom.

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