The Latest Technology Improving Workplace Health And Safety

Workplace injuries occur once every second seconds in the United States, resulting in 12,900 injured workers every day and nearly 5 million every year. Not only are new advancements in technology helping protect worker health and safety, but they’re also saving businesses money — roughly $4-6 for every $1 spent. AR and VR headsets, robotics, and wellness tech are some of the latest developments improving workplace health and safety, increasing productivity, and reducing lost work days.

AR and VR headsets

By using AR and VR headsets in the health and safety training process, employees can benefit from an immersive, hands-on experience as they learn the correct way to perform procedures and tasks — all without the physical risk. For example, Lenovo recently launched ThinkReality, an AR/VR headset designed to help train employees. By creating VR health and safety training programs for their workers with the tech, businesses can better prepare them for risky situations and ultimately prevent accidents or injuries. Lenovo also launched ThinkReality A3 lightweight smart glasses, which can be used for immersive AR workflows and training. While the glasses are great for office use, they can also be used in labs and factories. 

Robotics technology

By performing dangerous tasks quickly and efficiently, automation with robotics technology can help prevent workplace injuries caused by manual labor. For example, TracePen, developed by Wandelbots, is a lightweight, handheld pen equipped with sensors. It essentially understands and records human movement in order to teach it to industrial robots. With this solution, non-technical employees can teach robots quickly while avoiding accidents and injury. Although new technology can help minimize risks in the workplace, accidents and injuries can unfortunately still happen. In this case, an experienced injury lawyer can then help employees win compensation for medical bills and lost income.

Employee wellness technology 

With workplace wellness technology employees can better look after their mental and physical health. With Unmind, an online platform, for example, managers can stay informed of their employee’s mental state, including stress and anxiety levels throughout the day. Unmind also provides advice for managers on how to tactfully and sensitively help unhappy employees.  

Advancements in technology continue to improve workplace health and safety at a rapid rate. With AR and VR headsets, robotics, and wellness technology, businesses can improve employee safety, increase productivity, and keep lost workdays to a minimum. 

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