Unlocked HTC 10 discounted to $599

The HTC 10 hasn’t been very popular, despite its excellent build quality, good cameras, clear display, and good battery life, with the device having little to no signs of life in China, and having received poor expectations from analysts. AT&T customers may find themselves upset with the Taiwanese smartphone maker for not selling the device through their favorite carrier (and for having to purchase the device outright instead of on a Next plan), and the company’s original asking price of $699 for the unlocked HTC 10 isn’t something that inspires confidence in customers.

Still, despite the high price tag, though, the company did try to provide high-resolution audio earphones for those who ordered through the company site and didn’t mind paying the full price upfront, and the company even offered $100 off for HTC 10 customers who didn’t use their Uh-Oh Protection plans with their former One M8 and One M9 devices. US carrier Verizon had a small promotional where it discounted the price of the device from $699 to $548, though that sweet deal is now over. It seems that, if the unlocked HTC 10 will get a fighting chance, it must come from the company that made it.

Well, HTC is now taking matters into its own hands (in a great way): the Taiwanese smartphone maker has decided to permanently discount the HTC 10 from $699 to $599. In other words, unlocked HTC 10 customers need not wait several months down the line for a discount. The device still features the same great 5.2-inch, Super LCD 3 display with a Quad HD screen resolution of 2,560 x 1,440p, a quad-core, Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 SoC, 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM, and 32/64GB of internal storage with a 5MP front camera featuring a Samsung sensor and a 12MP back camera featuring the company’s trademark UltraPixel technology as well as optical image stabilization (OIS) for both front and rear cameras. HTC also provides one year of Uh-Oh Protection for customers who either 1) crack their screen or 2) suffer water damage. It appears as though the Taiwanese smartphone maker intends to stand behind its IP53 splash resistance and provide protection in the event that customers take it too far.

There are some caveats to this deal, though. First, this deal, while geared towards the unlocked HTC 10, also works for Verizon and Sprint carrier models as well (which bests the temporary $548 Verizon deal from the carrier). Next, the deal is only valid until July 31st, so you can’t wait too long on this one.

If this sounds too good to pass up (and we believe it is), then head on over to the source link below and select your unlocked HTC 10 (or carrier model version). Then, come back here to tell us you did and what you love about the HTC 10.


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