Verizon Google Pixel unboxing shows new phones

Google’s Google Pixel phones in the US are a Verizon exclusive, as the company pointed out in its announcement. The exclusive leads to questions concerning the phones, such as whether or not Google will handle security patches and system updates — the question that Verizon has already answered for us. Well, Big Red is back to provide a Verizon Google Pixel unboxing video for those who really want to know what they can expect out of the box when opening it for the first time.

The Verizon Google Pixel phones used in the unboxing video are the Very Silver and Quite Black variants, with no Really Blue Pixel phone in sight. We know that the Really Blue color is a US exclusive, though we’re more inclined to think that it may very well be an exclusive at the Google Store and not an option for customers who order through Verizon. We don’t know at this point.

Verizon advertises the storage for its Pixel phones as “unlimited storage,” though this is a bit misleading. Saying “unlimited storage” may lead someone to assume that the Verizon Google Pixel phone entertains the idea of unlimited internal storage or unlimited on-device storage when, in fact, the unlimited storage is a reference to Google Photos in the cloud, not device storage itself. Google has provided unlimited photo storage at full resolution for Verizon Google Pixel (and Google Store Pixel) buyers who want to upload their photos at Quad HD resolution instead of the limited 1080p Full HD resolution Google has restricted the rest of Android to over the last year or two.

Verizon takes time in the Verizon Google Pixel unboxing to point out features about the phones that we already knew, such as the fact that both the Pixel and Pixel XL have 12.3MP cameras, you can charge them for 15 minutes and have 7 hours of battery life from a 15-minute charge, and that the Pixel phones represent all of Google in one phone. These things are not all that surprising, though, when you consider that the Nexus line had all of these things, too, with the exception being the top-notch camera we find in the Pixel phones as well as the fast-charging capabilities (Google had fast-charging, to some extent).

All in all, what you see with the Verizon Google Pixel unboxing is what Verizon customers can expect, with a price tag higher than any Google phones the company’s ever released. Whether or not the Verizon Google Pixel phone is your next pick-up is up to you, but you can check out the video below to help make or break your decision.

What do you think of the Verizon Google Pixel phones?


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