Best apps to create beautiful Instagram quotes

The popularity of Instagram continues growing as more and more people are turning to it in order to share their photograph skills with the world. Instagram may be focused on images, but words also play an important part in this social media platform. In many cases, people want to share a message with their followers and in order to create a strong impact, the visual aspect matters a lot. If you found a quote that resonates with you, or got a moment of inspiration and want to share an uplifting message with others, you probably want to make it look beautiful so that is Instagram-worthy. Here you will find apps that allow you to create quotes that look great and that will allow you to get many likes.

Color Cap for Instagram

This app created by Jusoft offers a wide selection of backgrounds, stickers and fonts that can be used in your own message. There are many cool options to choose from, but there are a few downsides. It is not possible to add your own photo to use it as a background and the app may misplace parts of the text. In some cases, it displays stickers in the wrong place or comes up with blurry images. Hopefully these issues are addressed once the app is updated to make sure that it works as it should in all devices.


iOS users can rely on PicQuotes, an app that makes things simple and instant when it comes to finding and sharing quotes. This random quote generator has high rating in the App Store and it is considered as the fastest and easiest solution to get the perfect quote. You can add it to your favorite photo and share it with your followers. You can choose from thousands of quotes organized in different categories or create your own quote. There are options related to friendship, love, fitness, inspiration, music, success and more. It offers convenient edition features so you can customize your creations and come up with a unique solution.


To start using Textgram, simply enter your message into the box and then use the buttons at the bottom to decorate and format the text. After that, go to the “Templates” tab, select the one that better suits your message. It is also possible to go to the Stickers tab and include additional stickers and emojis. You can also add pictures from your gallery. The app works with hand gestures to move, resize and rotate these elements around the frame. There is an interesting feature known as text reflection that can be controlled as a slider. Textgram is optimized for tablets due to increased screen size.

With this online quote generator, you can create your own quotes and share them on social media. There are over 30 symbols, 20 font choices and 30 backgrounds to choose from. While it is not possible to upload your own photos to use them as background, the selection available is varied and will allow you to create appealing images. BeHappy is very easy to use as you just need to enter the text in the box and select the symbols that you want to insert into the picture. You will see the preview of the image on the right. You can even get to sell your quote and you can get 30% of the proceeds.


Apart from offering a great collection of effects and fonts, Text2Pic allows you to add sounds to the photo you want. This app is ideal for creating e-cards as you can select a music file from your library or record your own voice. Even if you don’t have much experience in audio editing, you will be able to get amazing results since Text2Pic makes things simple. You can easily select the part of the audio file that you want to use. Just drag the slider around.


Red Cactus offers an app that allows you to add words to a photo so that you can combine text and image to create a unique message to share on Instagram. The app features over 20 stylish templates with a wide selection of backgrounds to choose from. You can also use your own images as backgrounds. The text can be customized so you can choose the font, color and position that you prefer. There are different fonts available and many options to adjust the image. The app is free to download but you can pay for additional backgrounds. InstaQuote is easy to use and it offers many options. The only thing that is missing is the possibility to rotate the text.


InstaText by Kallavi Apps allows you to use photos from your camera and photo gallery, as well as pictures from your Facebook album. Keep in mind that the image you get is .png and it is just 288×288 px, meaning that there is no real benefit if you use high resolution images. While InstaText works well overall, there are some issues when it comes to wrapping and resizing long text. This means that you will need to keep your quotes short when using this app.


PinQuotes allows you to find the best, most beautiful quotes to share via social media and instant messaging apps. You can find famous quotes organized by category so you can easily find option concerning motivation, love, life, family, friends and more. It lets you share quotes easily and fast with its simple creation process and there is a sharing button specifically designed for Instagram. Just keep in mind that you can’t delete quotes saved under My favorites and can’t add them as a wallpaper on your smartphone.

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