Best PC Games of 2015

2015 has been a great year for gaming, and especially so for PC gamers. With arrivals to the platform of GTA V and MGS V, 2016 is going to have a lot to compete with. So let’s not mince any words, here is our list of the top 10 PC games of 2015!

Top 10 PC games for 2015

10. Undertale


Undertale is what one would call a ‘sleeper hit’. While a lot of big anticipated titles were being covered by most people, Undertale was laying low and ready to hit it big time. A quirky little game, with 8-bit graphics, it really pulls on the heartstrings. It’s actually really hard to give information on the game without spoiling it, but suffice to say, it’s a really emotional ride and absolutely worth every penny.

9. Cities: Skylines

Cities Skylines

Cities: Skyline is basically what SimCity should have been. Taking the traditional city building gameplay and sprucing it up with better graphics and some interesting new mechanics, Cites: Skyline really is one of the best city building sims out there. Throw in Steam Workshop support and you have an almost infinite variety of buildings, roads, and maps to pick from.

The detail of Cities: Skylines is what sets it appart, whether it’s the sewage management or the traffic issues which are always a headache, there’s a lot that needs to be looked after. As your population increases, you have to begin thinking about education, policing, firefighting and a host of other feature which determine how successful your city is going to be. Ultimately, if you’re a fan of city builders, this game should definitely be in your library.

8. Ori and the Blind Forest

Ori and the Blind Forest

In the past few years platformers have become more graphically appealing and more thought provoking, and Ori and the Blind Forest is no exception. While maneuvering through the beautifully crafted and visually stunning world, you will reach obstacles and puzzles that will have you bringing all your intellectual might to bear on. Not only that, but the story of friendship and loneliness can really pull on those heartstrings, and immerse you in the atmosphere and environment.

Regardless if you like platformers or not, Ori and the Blind Forest is a powerful game with great visuals, and orchestral score, and therefore deserves a place in your game library.

7. Pillars of Eternity


The great thing about RPG games is their unbounded ability to tell an immersive story through complex gameplay that really pulls you in, and Pillars of Eterny definitely falls under that category. While not the best in the genre that has such games as Balder’s gate, it does come close to reaching the top. The story line is incredibly compelling, going beyond petty rivalries and silly back and forths, and instead, goes into the details and live of the characters you get involved in.

Graphically, it is very reminiscent of games within the genre, and yet can stand very well on its own two feet. Of course, graphics aren’t everything and that’s where combat comes in, being both fun and exhilarating, pushing you and up to six companions to the edge of your abilities. Fortunately, there’s always something that compels you past any obstacle you meet, and as if you’re a fan of isometric dungeon crawlers, then this game is definitely for you, especially with its nostalgic nods.

6. Kerbal Space Program


One of the greatest endeavors of humanity is the exploration of space. A difficult task if there ever was one, with great danger and difficulty in almost every step taken. From the disasters to the heroism, it’s really something.

Of course, while that’s true of real life space travel, it’s also true for Kerbal Space Program, a game where you are put in charge of running a space agency. Don’t let that fool you though, most of the game is (awesomely) building space ships and sending them off into the far reaches of space. It’s not an easy task though, as physics is simulated in the game, so it takes time and effort to first learn what works and how it works, before actually moving towards landing on another planet.

All in all though it’s incredibly fun. The Kerbins who reside on the planet Kerbin (where you are based) are tough little guys and always ready to do some heavy lifting, as well as offering some comic relief. If you’re a fan of space simulators and space exploration games, then you really can’t go wrong with Kerbal Space Program.

5. Rocket League

Rocket League

Sometimes bringing two hobbies together is almost impossible, thankfully, that’s not how the developers of Rocket League thought. Bringing together remote control cars and football (soccer if you live in the states), Rocket League is a really unique and interesting game to play. Using two teams of remote controlled cars, you have to try and push an oversized football into one of two goals.

Of course, it isn’t easy, and one of the most fun parts of Rocket League is learning and mastering the game. If you’re not into football though, it’s still a fun game to watch other people play (and screw up). Even if you don’t like it, Rocket League is still worth having, if only for playing with friends and watching them fail miserably.

4. Soma


This year has seen a lot of games that tread the philosophical path, and Soma probably sits at the top of that pile. Taking place in what looks like an abandoned base, you have to figure out what’s going on exactly while exploring metaphysical themes such as self and what it is too be human. We don’t want to give anything away, so suffice to say that this game is worth every penny, and defiantly should be in your library.

3. MGS V


Metal Gear Solid has been a seminal series in the stealth genre, setting standards and inspire games for the past decade. Fortunately for us, this fifth installment has finally come to the PC, and boy is it great! Taking the traditional stealth elements of MGS and putting them in an open world, there’s an infinite amount of possibilities in Metal Gear Solid V.

The story is pretty good, although maybe not as good as the original couple of games. Thankfully, the gameplay shines through and really delivers where the story falters. The option of approaching each situation in stealth or nor, and really from any angle, makes this game engrossing and captivating.

In terms of the Metal Gear Solid series, MGS V is pretty much an expanded Peace Walker with an open world, so if you liked Peace Walker, you’re really going to love MGS V!

2. GTA V


For a lot of older gamers, Grand Theft Auto is part of the foundation of their gaming. Not only that, but GTA has been setting trends for years, from the arcade driving, to the massive open worlds, even to the quests and story line, GTA is a big player in the game world. Thankfully, GTA V has continued this tradition.

Bringing in for the first time 3 protagonists, and truly massive world to explore, GTA V is oodles of fun, and compelling both for the storyline and the gameplay. Tie that in with the online portion they’ve add, and the new heisting/robbery system, and it’s very likely you’ll pick up the controller and not stop until its month later when your family knocks on your door wondering where you are. So really, if you’re a fan of the GTA series, you can’t go wrong with this installment.

1. The Witcher 3

The Witcher 3

When the first Witcher game landed in the gamesphere, it didn’t really make many waves. In fact, it wasn’t until the enhanced edition that people started to take notice, and it really blow up when The Witcher 2 came out. As some of you may know, The Witcher 3 has been one of the biggest massive hits of the year, and for very good reason.

It has an incredibly long, incredibly deep and incredibly compelling story, coupled with truly excellent and innovative gameplay. Being a monster hunter has never been more fun, especially with the amount of royal intrigue and world changing events. If you haven’t played The Witcher 3, then you need to drop everything you’re doing right now, and do it!

Do you want to enjoy some other online games? Look no further than for a selection of games that are being played by players from all over the world.

What do you think of our little list? Do you think there are any games that deserve to be on here? Let us know in the comments.

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