BlackBerry Priv to go on sale in Canada on November 6th; what of the US?

Canadian carrier TELUS is getting geared up to sell the BlackBerry Priv on November 6th, which confirms the rumors about a November release for the device. We could recount the events that have led up to now, including the sightings of the BlackBerry Priv in Toronto, the video leaks, even BlackBerry CEO John Chen’s mini announcement about the device as well as BlackBerry’s own pre-order launch that took place this past week. Now, the Canadian manufacturer looks to release the device in its home country.

The question still remains, though: Will the BlackBerry Priv be released in the US, Canada’s Southern “sibling,” around the same time? We don’t know at this point, as we’ve seen little promotion about the BlackBerry Priv from any carrier. Motorola is soon to unveil the shatter-resistant Droid Turbo 2 and the “energizer battery” Droid Maxx 2, so we assume that only TELUS will offer the device at this time. What it shows, though, is that BlackBerry is right on schedule with the events that rumors have stated.

One of the most shocking things about the Priv’s launch is that BlackBerry simply didn’t give the device the usual “pomp and circumstance” that all manufacturers give a flagship smartphone. We don’t know the reason behind this, other than the fact that BlackBerry may have decided to forgo the financial loss of an announcement, release the device, and hope for the best. BlackBerry could have very well toned down the announcement as part of the marketing scheme: the BlackBerry Priv (“Priv” short for “privacy”) would make sense in something of a “private” announcement about the device – with BlackBerry’s investors, for example.

At the same time, no matter how “private” the announcement, or how “private” your data on the device, the BlackBerry Priv can only become “public” in order to sell it to consumers. BlackBerry is a nostalgic company in the eyes of consumers, so maybe BlackBerry has decided to play the nostalgia card with its worldwide fame while saving a few dollars.


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