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How to customize notification settings on your iPhone

It is likely that you receive many notifications from different apps that are installed on your iPhone on a daily basis. Although some can be ignored, there are some that are worth keeping in mind. The alerts may refer to phone calls that you missed, incoming emails or text messages and reminders of important events. When an app wants to notify you about something, you generally see a banner at the top of your device’s screen, or you can see a notice in the center of the screen or a badge on the app icon. It is possible to select the kind of alert that you get from each app to suit your needs. Here we’ll find out how.

Notification Center

All your alerts and notifications are kept in the Notification Center, which allows you to find them easily. You can find every notification received in the same place, as well as the local weather and other information that you may find relevant. If you are signed in to your social media account, it is even possible to tweet or post on Facebook from the Notification Center. You can access the Notification Center by swiping down from the top of the screen, then you can scroll through the list to find additional notifications. They inform you of new information, even if the related app is not active. You can delete notifications from a specific app by selecting the X that appears on the right side of the title bar, and tapping Clear.

How to manage alerts

In order to manage alerts for your apps, go to the Settings app and select Notifications. There you will see different options to customize the settings. You can select Do Not Disturb to disable all alerts. Turning Do Not Disturb will silence all alerts and phone calls, but alarms will still work as normal. It is possible to set a specific time to disable the alerts and you can also adjust the settings to accept call from specific contacts during that time.

There is also an option that lets you decide how you want to see the notifications in the Notification Center. When you select By Time, the notifications will be shown as they arrive. If you select Manually, you will have the possibility of choosing the order depending on the app. You can prioritize apps to make sure that you get first the notifications that really matter to you. You can change the order manually by selecting Edit at the top right of the window.

You will see a group of three short lines, known as handle, which you will see to the right of each app. To position the app in the order you prefer, touch the handle and drag the app to place it according to your preferences. Once you have positioned the apps in the order you want their notifications to be displayed in the Notification Center, you just need to select Done in the top right corner of the window.

To disable all the notifications for an app, simply move the Notification Center slider to the OFF position. If an app has a notification disabled, you will see it in the Not In Notification Center list. It is possible to change the Alert Style just by tapping None, Banners or Alerts. You will see Banners at the top of the screen and after a few seconds, it will disappear automatically. The alerts that are displayed at the center of the screen, usually require an action from the user to continue. If you select None, the alerts and banners will no longer appear on the home screen of your iPhone. However, the notifications will still be displayed in the Notifications Center. Each app may have some additional options that will help you to customize the alerts related to that app.

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