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How to enable Screen Mirroring on Galaxy S5

Screen Mirroring is one of the fantastic features that the Samsung Galaxy S5 offers to help you to make things easier and take full advantage of your device. Not many people have used the Screen Mirroring option and some don’t even know about it. If you haven’t tried Screen Mirroring, we can tell you that it is definitively worth checking and here you will find out how to enable it and use it.

What does Screen Mirroring do?

With Screen Mirroring, you can project your Samsung Galaxy S5’s display onto larger displays including computer monitors and televisions. It is possible to enable Screen Mirroring by connecting an All-Share Cast dongle, HomeSync or Miracast device to your display. Once the Samsung Galaxy S5’s screen has been mirrored, you will be able to play games or enjoy media content on a larger screen.

Preliminary Steps

Before you get started, it is important to check that you have the elements needed. Here is what the process requires, depending on the method you use:

  • An All-Share Cast Wireless Hub that allows you to stream your Galaxy S5’s home screen directly to your HDTV. Samsung sells them on its official website
  • A HomeSync that allows you to mirror your Samsung Galaxy S5’s screen to your TV and even save files on a large capacity home cloud
  • You also need a HDMI cable that can transfer HD media content from a mobile device to the receiving display. HDMI cables are also available on Samsung’s official website
  • A Miracast that works as a receiving device for mirroring content from your Galaxy S5. You can get a Miracast receiver from Amazon

How to enable Screen Mirroring on Galaxy S5 using the All-Share Cast Wireless Hub

1. Switch your television on and connect the charger to the power socket of the All-Share Cast device. Some models have a built-in battery so you can use them without needing an external power source. Still, it is advisable that you check if the charger is plugged into the All-Share Cast device to avoid any issues.

2. Connect the TV to your All-Share Cast device using an HDMI cable. If the input source is not properly set, you need to adjust it to the port that is being used by the HDMI cable. You will see that the status indicator of the All-Share Cast turns Red. If this doesn’t happen, you will need to turn both of the devices off and repeat the steps.

3. Once the All-Share Cast device status indicator is Red, you need to press the Reset button. The status indicator should blink blue to let you know that the devices are connected.

4. Now that the All-Share Cast device is connected to your HDTV, press the Home button to access your Samsung Galaxy S5’s Home screen

5. From the Home screen, pull down the Quick Settings Panel with a two-fingers swiping gesture.

6. Tap on the Screen Mirroring icon to activate this feature on your phone. The Screen Mirroring icon will turn Green to let you know that the feature is enabled. If it turns Grey instead, it means that the feature is not activated.

7. Once the Screen Mirroring feature is enabled on your Samsung Galaxy S5, you will see a list of all the devices available nearby, including the All-Share Cast device. Select it and enter the PIN that appears on your TV screen.

8. Finally, you will see the Samsung Galaxy S5’s device name on the screen, letting you know that the connection was successfully established. That is it, now you are able to open media content on your Galaxy S5 and cast it on your TV.

How to enable Screen Mirroring on Galaxy S5 using HomeSync

1. Download HomeSync, you can try the following link:

2. Switch your TV on. Then connect the charger to the power socket of the Home Sync, using an HDMI cable. You can connect your TV to your HomeSync device. Allow some time for the connection to be completed.

3. Press the Home button and you’ll access the Samsung Galaxy S5’s Home screen. Alternatively, you can tap the Back key a few times to access the device’s Home screen

4. Tap on the Apps icon, which you will find on the lower-right part of your phone’s screen

5. From the Home Sync app, tap on the Menu key to be able to see the options that are available

6. Then, tap on Screen Mirroring to start screen mirroring on your device. The screen of the Samsung Galaxy S5 will appear on your TV screen

Now we’ll take a look at additional options that you can consider.

How to screen mirror from Samsung Galaxy S5 to a Samsung Smart TV

1. Press the Input button on your Smart TV’s remote control. Then select “Screen Mirroring” on the Smart TV’s screen.

2. Press the Home button to access the Samsung Galaxy S5’s Home screen. From there, pull down the Quick Settings Panel with a swiping gesture.

3. From the Quick Settings Panel, tap on the Screen Mirroring icon. It should turn Green if the connection was established. Your Samsung Galaxy S5 will show a list of all the devices detected nearby and your Smart TV will be one of them. Now you can see the screen of your phone on your TV screen.

How to screen mirror from Samsung Galaxy S5 to a Windows 8 Laptop

1. Download and install Samsung SideSync to your Windows 8 laptop from here (

2. Then you need to download the SideSync app from the Google Play Store : and install it on your phone.

3. After installing the app, connect your smartphone to the laptop using the original USB cord. You will see that SideSync starts automatically.

4. Select the mode that you want to run and your phone’s display should be mirrored on your laptop now.

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