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Since creating content that is visually appealing and that engages visitors is crucial for website owners and bloggers, even if you are not a graphic designer it is likely that at some stage, you will find yourself trying to create graphics and images that look professional. Marketing and advertising are important for any business and in order to attract customers it is necessary to create posters, flyers and other elements that are truly memorable. The task seems overwhelming when you don’t have much experience with design but thanks to FotoJet, you can leave your fears behind and get ready to create beautiful content.

FotoJet is a graphic-design solution that allows you to edit photos, create collages and design ads like a professional. This powerful tool supports a wide range of features that help you to bring your imagination to life as you design, edit photos and create unique collages. It is not only a great solution for small businesses and independent content creators but also for anyone who wants to surprise family and friends with stunning photo montages and beautiful cards for special occasions. FotoJet focuses on making things simple, while offering flexibility and features that suit a variety of graphic design needs.

How does FotoJet work?

FotoJet makes photo editing a hassle-free experience thanks to its easy to use interface that makes every step of the process clear and enjoyable. You don’t need to have advanced technical skills or design experience to come up with fantastic creations. With Fotojet, you can edit photos using a wide selection of settings, create collages to share your favorite images and family pictures, create invitations, banners, magazine covers and more. It is a versatile solution that covers business and personal requirements. FotoJet has three main tabs Design, Edit and Collage. Each of them offer multiple options to choose from including templates, stock photos, text fonts, layouts and effects.

You can create a collage, a card, a poster or anything else in just a few steps. If you are using the Collage Maker, you will have several templates, backgrounds, layouts, effects and images available. You can select the options that you prefer and adjust the ratio of the photos in the collage. If you don’t know what template you should go for, you can start with a blank template and adjust the size to suit your needs. FotoJet gives you flexibility to choose from a variety of text fonts, effects and other options, allowing you to create a project that reflects your own style. The Photo Editor gives you freedom to adjust and place your favorite images in the way you prefer.

When you create a collage you get the chance to upload photos from your computer or from your Facebook profile and then you can edit them on FotoJet. The drag-and-drop design is simple and allows you to arrange the images without complications. You can rotate and flip the photos, resize them, zoom in and organize them in any way you want. FotoJet lets you create unique collages within a few minutes and there are hundreds of collage templates available that will suit different occasions. Once you finish your design, you will be able to save it and share it on social media. You can even print your creations, which makes it a great option for creating birthday cards for your loved ones, or posters to promote an event in your area.

FotoJet stands out from other graphic design services due to its ease of use and the variety of options that it offers. The website includes practical guides that will help you to manage the tool and get the most out of it but in the end FotoJet is so simple that after a few minutes using it, you will feel like an expert. It is easy and also fun to use and you can play around with the different templates, effects and other options available. Editing your photos and creating collages that will impress your family and friends is possible thanks to FotoJet. There are options that will suit different styles and you can personalize your designs to make them truly yours.

Customer Support

FotoJet provides clear tutorials and tips that will help you to create wonderful invitations, posters, cards and much more. You can also find details about the features that FotoJet supports including the option to add watermarks to protect your photos from unauthorized use. Apart from the great selection of resources that will inspire you and that allow you to master all the functions available, FotoJet offers FAQs and a “Contact Us” section that gives you the chance to leave feedback, suggestions and comments about the tool.


If you need a tool that can handle a variety of graphic-design projects and that makes things easy when you need to edit photos and create collages, you will love FotoJet. It is versatile, extremely easy to use and it offers many options to create cards, posters, invitations, flyers and anything else that you need for a special event or to promote a small business. FotoJet is available for free but in order to get access to more options and advanced features, you can upgrade for just $2.91 per month, if you opt for an annual plan.

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