Google Keep arrives on iOS, two years after Android debut

Google is famous for bringing its Android apps and services to iOS, and that continues this week with not only an upgrade to Google Wallet but also the arrival of Google’s note-taking app, Google Keep, on iOS.

Google Keep (as the name suggests) is designed to help you keep track of important things, organize your life a bit better, with alarms, timers, reminders, and lists that allow you to store grocery lists, things to do, links to read in your spare time, as well as special plans that notify you on a given date at a certain time. You can even remind yourself to exercise every day at 1PM, and Google Keep will vibrate with the reminder to alert you to exercise. Most individuals use Google Keep to remind them to pay their bills on a certain day, and I fit in that camp.

We’re not surprised to see Google Keep arrive on iOS, but it is interesting to note its arrival two years after making its debut onto Google’s own platform. For Android users who also use iOS, you’ll rejoice over this as much as you rejoiced when Google brought Play Movies, Play Music, and, of course, Android Wear for iOS over to “the dark side.”


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