Sony reportedly working on an “e paper” smartwatch

Sony is said to be working on a new smartwatch that will use an e paper display. Electronic paper displays are very power efficient as they require little to no power. The smartwatch that Sony is working on will be equipped with a patented e paper display which would not only be used in the Sony smartwatch but also on their wristband.

This new smartwatch from Sony would not be a successor to their current Sony smartwatch but rather as a separate gadget where the company will be testing whether the market responds to such a technology or not. Other than that this smartwatch would also be worn as a style symbol with its electronic display as Sony would be offering it in a lot of colors while also showing off its display technology.

A consultant with Nomura Research from Tokyo said “Smartwatches don’t sell now because there is little reason to buy one, since your smartphone can do it all anyway. Many people choose their watches based on the brand and design. Convincing them to replace what’s on their wrist now is no mean feat.”

Sony is also said to be cutting down their production in the year 2015 and only pay attention to their main products like flagship devices. It also makes sense as Sony will be going back to being an innovator. There are not a lot of users when it comes to Sony smartphones and its wise if the companies tries to cut back its production and limit it to just high end devices.

Samsung is also going to cut back its production along with Sony as both the companies have suffered great losses and sticking to their main flagship devices is a better option. Would you go for an electronic paper equipped smartwatch?

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