Google Project Ara might be more than just a modular smartphone

Project Ara also known as the modular smartphone can be a lot more than just a smartphone with swappable modules as one of the modules can also be a health component. Google has produced a module that works as a pulse oximeter that can measure the amount of blood that is saturated with oxygen in the body. Paul Eremenko is the brains behind this idea and the person who made the pulse oximeter module. The idea to use a health component was brought up by Paul Eremenko in April as he believes that Project Ara can be a modular smartphone with a number of health components.

Paul Eremenko says that he sees the future of Project Ara to be something that can determine the crowd sourced data patterns. Google sure is taking a lot of time though to launch a consumer model though it is said that Google will launch a consumer pilot model next year. Google still haven’t announced anything regarding the launch date so we expect Google to launch it at the Project Ara developer conference in January.

A competitor to Google’s Project Ara recently emerged by the name Vsenn which also has plans to launch a modular smartphone though the customization is limited to a few modules around 3. Maybe after hearing about this Google will speed up its Ara Project because it’s been two long since the company started it and people might lose interest.

Project Ara can be a great smartphone if it became a success because people won’t have to get a new smartphone every year just to update their smartphone, which will end up in a phone that not only has a customizable OS but a customizable hardware as well.

What do you think Project Ara ? Leave us comments down below and let us know your thoughts about it.

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