How Many Watts Does a Laptop Use in 2021?

When using our computers or laptops, there are a lot of things that we do not notice nor get worried about. However, there are some individuals who are very curious and would like to understand everything about anything that catches their interest. One thing that is a very interesting and very important topic is how many watts does a laptop use. Do not worry, in this article, we shall provide you useful and interesting information. Additionally, in this article, we shall also tackle about battery life as well. 

What is Watts about?

The wattages of laptops use the measurement watts. In short, it measures how much power it would need. This means, the more watts that your laptop uses the shorter your battery would be. 

Though, there is no single answer as to how many watts does a laptop use, most would need between 20 to 100 watts per hour which could be around 180 watts per hour.

Take in mind that different needs would need different hardware and usage. Hence, if you are using your laptop to play games all the time, then, the more watts your laptop would be using. 

Laptop Power Consumption Factors

Screen size

This is one of the factors that would dictate power consumption – the size of your laptop’s screen. If you have 13 to 15 inches, your laptop could consume about 60 watts while for 17 inches and above, 70 watts and above. 

Laptop Model

If you have a gaming laptop, the more power it will need to consume compared to simple laptop models.  Gaming laptops could use about 180W per hour while some could consume about 135W per hour. 


Graphics card is another factor that could affect the power consumption of your laptop. Hence, if you are a professional player, then you would need a powerful graphics card then the more power it would consume. 


Power consumption would also depend on the CPU of your laptop. There are different laptops that come with good and powerful CPUs which means it does not use many watts. Low quality CPU would need more power. 


Laptops with 15-inch screen usually come with 65-watt adapter while 17- inch screen laptops use 90-watt adapter. Hence, depending on the adapter size of the laptop the more or the lesser it uses watts. 

Calculating Your Laptop’s Wattage

The easiest way for you to check how many watts a laptop uses is by checking the adapter. The adapter usually mentions and provides the maximum power input. With this information, the easier it is to determine the accurate figure of the power consumption of your laptop. 

Check Components – this will allow you to see the specifications of your laptop. This could be found on the websites of the brands of the laptop you would wish to purchase. Unfortunately, adding all them up would not give you the data that you wish to know. Rather, you would have to go to an online power consumption calculator to find out how many watts a laptop uses. 

Power Monitor – Plugin any of the devices and it would help you determine how many watts your laptop uses and your power consumption in real time. 

Making Your Battery Last Longer

Get a cooling pad – this will lower the temperature of your computer which means the less battery power it would use. 

Invest in the right hardware – using high quality hardware would save you more in the long term. 

How many watts does an Apple MacBook use?

13-inch MacBook Pro typically use 61-watts of power. 15-inch on the other hand needs 87 watts per hour. 

Ensure you unplug your laptop when fully charged

  • Ensure to unplug your laptop computer when charged
  • When charge is at 10% plug your laptop
  • Do not overcharge your laptop
  • Buy a cooling pad
  • Let your computer rest 
  • Update your processor and different hardware
  • Use unique charger supplied by the manufacturer of your laptop.

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