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How to Fix Cyberpower UPS Turns Off On Power Failure

There could be times when you could experience your cyberpower UPS would not turn on after power cuts due to overload, faulty circuit or exhausted battery. This could also be due to in-built features and limitations of your UPS.

Here are some more detailed explanation about this:

  • Overload – your UPS would stop working on powercut due to overload. This means that your UPS has reached and has gone over its own capacity threshold and would then lead to your UPS has gone beyond its limit.
  • Exhausted battery – Your UPS battery usually provides power to your PC, router and other devices. However, if your battery is exhausted or damages then, your UPS will not be able to supply power.
  • Charging system – though your battery is good, there could be instances when the error would be on your UPS charging system. Hence, this means your battery doesn’t get charged and eventually your UPS will stop working and running.
  • Faulty Circuit – All of your devices are working on your Alternating current. With your UPS, it would work as a direct current. If the circuit work as an inverter, it could convert DC to AC which makes your UPS work.
  • Long switching period – this could be due to bad output voltage
  • Green power – this means that your power safer is turned on. It allows your UPS to be turned off automatically after two minutes or less after a power cut. This is often done to avoid excessive overload of the working progress.
  • Green power – this is safety mechanism of UPS.

How to fix dead Cyberpower UPS

  • Check the switch of your UPS. It could be that you have forgotten to turn your switch on. Ensure that the UPS is on while you use your desktop or other devices. Ensure that your connectors and power cables are connected correctly. Try to unplug and replugging your UPS.
  • Check the settings of your UPS. This could be found on the display of your UPS. If your UPS does not have any display, you could install a software and change the setting as needed. Ensure that you keep the green power system turned off and set the switching period as low as possible.
  • Unplug some of the devices that you do not need powered on during power failure.

Troubleshooting UPS turns off on power failure

Replace the Battery

  • Ensure that you have the correct battery.
  • With the use of a screwdriver, unscrew the bolts on the backside of your UPS.
  • Slide the cover and open the casing
  • Take out the batteries of your UPS and unmount them
  • With your new batteries, mount them with wiring.
  • Ensure you check any loose connections
  • Ensure that the batteries fit perfectly
  • Close the casing and retighten the bolts

Rectify electrical faults

Once you have replaced the batteries, you could be assured that your UPS would have worked.

To know if your UPS is a-okay or not, you will have to use a Voltage Tester and to test your UPS, you will have to do the following:

  • Plug your UPS
  • Turn the switch ON
  • If your display lights up, then you are all good
  • If your display does not light up, then there could be a problem
  • Check your inverter system
  • Go to the backside of your UPS
  • Insert your voltage tester inside the sockets
  • The tester bulb will light up and will let you know of the phase that your UPS is in.
  • If there is a problem, rectify the electrical faults and repair it


How many years does a UPS battery last?

This would depend on several factors such as load given and frequency of use. However, usually it could last for about 3 to 4 years. If you are using a cheaper type of UPS then the battery could last 1 to 2 years.

How do I know if my UPS battery is bad?

The faulty battery on UPS would show the symptoms of an inventor’s error. Hence, when there is a beeping light on the display then this could mean that your battery could be bad. Fluctuation could also mean bad battery.

How do i reset my Cyberpower UPS?

Shut down the PC and turn on the UPS again which will reset your Cyberpower UPS’ initial settings.

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