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How to Fix Roomba Error 15 in Seconds

Roomba is a tool which could help you clean your home without any hassles of you having to physically clean your house with a physical broom. Through Roomba, life at home is easier. However, just like any other devices and technology, you could experience some errors with Roomba as well.

Why Does My Roomba Display Error 15?

Roomba error 15 means that your Roomba is experiencing internal navigation error. This usually happens when your Roomba device is having a difficult time to navigate. This is due to the miscommunication between its home base and the iRobot Home app. This could also happen due to system glitches, generic bugs and mapping errors.

How to Fix Roomba Error 15

Press the Clean button once

This action will restart your Roomba since your Roomba is experiencing error 15 which means it is encountering some internal errors such as your Roomba failing to navigate. This could happen due to miscommunication with the Home Base. By pressing the clean button, you would restart the system of Roomba which just like any other device would solve system glitches.

Keep in mind that Error 15 and Charging Error 15 are different. Error 15 is not really something that you should be worried about. Internal navigation errors could happen once in a while. Usually the error itself could be fixed by itself.

Force close the iRobot Home app

If you have tried pressing the clean button and it did not solve the issue, you could try to force close your iRobot Home app. Keep in mind that your Roomba works through your iRobot Home app. Hence, one way to solve the mentioned issue, you could force close your iRobot Home app.

  • Access the apps preview page of your phone
  • Swipe left and right to search for your iRobot Home app
  • Swipe up the iRobot Home app to force close it

By force closing the app, you will be able to refresh the system. It also could remove the temporary memory data RAM and app caches.

Reboot your Roomba

You could also reboot your Roomba device. By doing this, you will be able to refresh the system. It could also remove system glitches and generic bugs. Do not worry by rebooting, you will not delete any data.

For 700, 800 and 900 series

  • press and hold the clean button for 10 seconds
  • wait for the reboot tone to signify the rebooting process is done and successful

For s and i series

  • Press and hold the clean button for 20 seconds
  • You will see a white light ring which would swirl clockwise
  • Once it shuts off, this would mean that the reboot process is successful and complete.
  • Turn on your Roomba after 90 seconds after rebooting has been done.

For e, 500, 600, and WiFi-enabled 800 series

  • Press and hold home and spot clean button for 10 seconds
  • Release the buttons and wait for the reboot tone
  • Place the Roomba to its home base

Revert your Smart Map to a previous version

  • Go to and open your iRobot Home app
  • Go to History
  • View clean maps reports
  • Select preferred previous map
  • Select overflow menu which you could find on the top right corner
  • Select Update Smart Maps

Delete your existing maps

  • Open your iRobot Home app
  • Go to your maps
  • Select a map
  • Tap the three horizontal dots icon
  • Select delete map

You could also delete all the maps through doing a factory reset. Keep in mind however that if you do a factory reset, all your Roomba’s data will be deleted.

Remap your whole house

Once you have deleted your maps, you will need to remap your whole house. To do this, all you have to do is follow the steps below:

  • Put your Roomba to the Home Base
  • Press clean button once
  • Allow the roomba to navigate the room
  • Rename your new map

Before you remap, ensure that you do the following:

  • Leave the doors open
  • Ensure that you wipe any liquid or water
  • Remove any objects that are on the floors
  • Lean light chairs and tables to the wall
  • Remove patterned and dark colored carpets

Factory reset your Roomba

As mentioned earlier, if you do this, keep in mind that all the saved settings will be removed and will go back to its default settings.

  • Launch the iRobot Home app
  • Select settings
  • Select Remove/factory reset

Tips for your Roomba:

  • Ensure that your Roomba is charged
  • Ensure that your Roomba is turned on
  • Do not close the app while you do a factory reset
  • Ensure that both your phone and your Roomba is connected to the same internet network

Contact iRobot custom care

If you have tried everything in this article and nothing worked, we suggest that you contact iRobot custom care. Ensure that you know your Roomba’s serial number and your Roomba device is charged. If your Roomba is still under warranty, ensure your have your roomba device and receipt or invoice.

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