iPhone 5se case leaks, manufacturer takes gamble on rumors

The iPhone 5se is the name for the 4-inch iPhone or the iPhone 6c, the name that many presumed Apple would use for the next-generation iPhone with what some consumers believe to be the perfect display size. Well, while we’ve seen the new name (iPhone 5se) and heard about the display size and even seen the so-called smaller-display iPhone, we’ve not seen anything in the way of additional evidence about whether the phone is coming to market.

Manufacturers like to always get ahead and predict what will be before Apple announces it and says it, and this is no different with the iPhone 5se. Case maker Rearth has leaked the new iPhone 5se case at MobileFun, calling it the “Rearth Ringke Fusion iPhone 6c Case Crystal View,” with the price tag of $17.99 at MobileFun. There is no picture of the case at all, but the name of the case by Rearth is an indication that speculation is at stake here.

The iPhone 6c label is one that prevailed for the 4-inch iPhone for a long time in the news, though new evidence says that Apple won’t label it with the iPhone 6c, but instead, the iPhone 5se. The device is said to be crafted for developing markets such as India, where current iPhone prices are simply too expensive. Of course, if the iPhone 5se retails for $450, as many have said, it won’t be but $90 cheaper than the iPhone 5c. At this point, the iPhone 5c is 2 years old and has a price tag of $400 or cheaper — so we don’t see why someone in India would go with the iPhone 5se when an aged iPhone 5c will still be updated for another two years or so.

The iPhone 5se has seen conflicting reports. Some have said that Apple wouldn’t bring Touch ID to the iPhone 5se, but this makes no sense when Apple’s strategy is to bring Touch ID to all its users so as to advance Cupertino’s own mobile payments system. The iPhone 5se that leaked in recent video shows a fingerprint sensor like that of the iPhone 6, so we’d rather believe something tangible like photos and an appearance of the iPhone 5se over rumors that seek to strip out a feature that would only serve to advance Apple’s mobile payment plans.

That’s all we know for now, but stay tuned to Aptgadget for iPhone 5se news. We’re sure that more evidence will turn up as the time gets closer.


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