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A Choicephobia’s ULTIMATE -CHALLENGE: my assessment for mop robots.

I was told, last year, I may have a choice phobia. Especially, when it comes to a scenario consisting of a variety of cutting-edge tools, such as sweeping robots.

Ecovacs X1, Narwal J2, Roborock G10, Dreame W10, and Obode P8, the latest models of five brands are now being promoted. I have already finalized my assessments person.

I started the assessments with basic features, such as the comparability of primary parameters. Ecovacs X1, as the only robot integrated with automatic dust-collecting and automatic mop-cleaning functions, maybe the finest choice in terms of the comparative analysis. But it is quite expensive. RMB 5999 is a rather costly price for a mopping robot.

Roborock G10, as the first integrated robot with sweep+mop functions by Roborock Technology, has been proven rock-solid per the well-balanced comprehensive performances. The LDS-based obstacle avoidance capacity is also a highlight function. The water tank is embedded inside G10. when the volume is low, this robot will automatically return to the base and refill water. Somehow, G10 might have some flaws when dealing with heavy oil stains. Meanwhile, its obstacle avoidance capacity is slightly weaker than Ecovacs. Nevertheless, the automatic dust-collecting function is not included. If you take a look at the price tag, RMB4000, G10 may be a good choice for some households installed with AI functions.

Dreame is not a regular choice as for mop robots. W10 is their first model with an automatic mop washing function.

W10 boasts a very strong suction capacity, second to Ecovacs X1’s 5000 Pa, which supports the superb performance of dust cleaning. Similar hot wind drying as Ecovacs X1 may be merit. But the lack of a water tank could be a flaw. W10 provides a comparably reasonable pricing range between 3k-4k, which may be a suitable choice for users who value utility more than other factors. And by the way, W10’s obstacle avoidance capacity is not very smooth.


Narwal J2, as the only robot with an automatic water supply & drainage, surprisingly fell behind with other brands amid my assessments due to my excessive expectation. Narwal was regarded as the pioneer of mop robots, yet failed to provide sustainability of technological progression while other brands are swiftly overtaking. For instance, obstacle avoidance is also based on infrared, which may not be usable as for the performance rating.

At last, Obode P8 was tested to conclude my assessments. Obode comes from internally incubated in the Midea brand. Midea is quite a reliable brand and has been providing a variety of household appliances for decades. P8 is probably a fallible choice for everyone.  It is well balanced in terms of suction, water supply, multi-task obstacle avoidance capacity and etc. In a word, P8 is able to clean my small loft without my manual intervention nicely and conveniently. 

If you are interested in Obode P8, please visit [].

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