OnePlus One to launch in India

OnePlus has planned to launch their OnePlus One smartphone in India officially and will start selling their smartphone starting 2nd of December though there is a catch to it as well. The company announced that OnePlus One will come with Cyanogenmod but the smartphone won’t be receiving any further updates from Cyanogenmod and the users would be stuck with Cyanogenmod 11s for some time.

The company has also said that they are working on a custom ROM that will be running Android 5.0. OnePlus will be able to provide a beta version of this ROM somewhere next month after which the company is going to launch its final version of Android 5.0 ROM. The company also said that the custom Android 5.0 ROM is going to be fast, stable and lightweight.

If you don’t know the reason why Cyanogenmod won’t be updating OnePlus one in the Indian market well it’s because of the recent deal that they had with Micromax where the company gets exclusive rights to use Cyanogenmod on their devices only. This sure is a surprising move from Micromax.

There is no news on what the price of the OnePlus One would be in India but the smartphone is going to be sold in India via its Amazon website. We are not sure if users would be interested in a OnePlus One smartphone getting no Cyanogenmod updates, but for those who like to play around with ROMS, OnePlus one would be a great choice considering the price tag and the hardware that it packs in.

OnePlus also said that “We can’t explain Cyanogen’s decision because we don’t fully understand it ourselves.” This might lead OnePlus to drop supports for Cyanogenmod in their later devices as Cyanogenmod  could have avoided a deal like that but they didn’t.


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