Samsung sent out invitations to its ‘what’s next’ Unpacked event on 1st March

Samsung has officially sent out invitations for its annual launch event also known as Samsung Unpacked event where the company will be launching its next flagship device called Galaxy S6. The event which is scheduled for March 1, 2015 features a lot of other Samsung devices too as Samsung uses this event to show what it will be launching in the upcoming months.

Judging by the curve design on the invitation, it seems like it’s a hint at a curved Samsung device but this is just a speculation. There is no physical evidence or photos backup up that claim. Last year in February at the Samsung Galaxy Unpacked event, Samsung unveiled the Galaxy S5, Gear 2 and Gear fit wearable products. If Samsung follows the same path, then the Galaxy S6 and maybe Gear 3 will be revealed at the event.

The Unpacked event which is going to be held in Barcelona, Spain ahead of the Mobile World Congress trade show is perfectly timed by Samsung. At the MWC trade show, there are a lot of other tech giants and companies showing their tech gadgets that will coming throughout the year. This gives a competitive edge right from the start for some companies if their devices receive a lot of praise at the event.

The unveiling of Samsung Galaxy S6 will also  help Samsung to regain the market share that it has lost over the past 5 quarters. Samsung’s earnings has seen a significant dip in the past few months due to more competition in the market, especially from Apple who just saw its most profitable Q1 earnings of all time.

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