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Why Won’t My Samsung TV Connect to Eero?

There are a lot of people who is using Eero as a wireless router as it has the ability to cover the entire home and all of your devices. Though many who are impressed with Eero, if you are just new with Eero, it could get frustrating to set up with your Samsung TV. Do not worry as through this article, we shall provide you a guide on how to solve this.

Keep in mind that there is no single explanation as to why Samsung TV could have difficult time in connecting to Eero network. However, one of the most common reason is could be that your equipment is not set up correctly. It could also be that there is an internet outage or your TV is not within the WiFi range. It could also have a hardware failure.

Why Won’t My Samsung TV Connect to Eero?

As mentioned earlier there are numerous reasons as to why Samsung TV won’t connect to Eero and though this is the case, you will have to do some troubleshooting for you to be able to solve the mentioned issue.

First thing you must do is to check which one has the problem. Check if another device on the same network could connect to the internet. Also, try to access on a different network or hotspot. By doing this, you will be able to know which one has a problem – your TV or your Eero.

You could also go to network and select network then go to general option on your TV’s settings menu and check if your TV could detect Eero.

Just like any other device when encountering an issue, one of the first methods to solve the issue is through restarting your device itself. Hence, we suggest that you try to unplug the router, TV, etc. Plug them back and turn them on one at a time with the TV being the last.

Another way to solve this issue is to reset your device by navigating to the reset network which you will be able to find under network under general settings of your TV menu.

How to Check Network Status on Samsung TV

  • Navigate to General Settings
  • Select Network
  • Run the test feature
  • If the TV shows failed MAC address, you might have to reset it to factory defaults

How to Disable 5GHz on Eero

There are some Samsung TV models that are not compatible with 5GHz wireless networks which is why it is best for you to temporarily turn off your 5GHz access on your router and set it to 2.4GHz.

  • On your Eero app, go to settings
  • Select troubleshooting
  • Select my device won’t connect
  • Select temporarily disable 5GHz transmission option

What is the Range of Eero

The router could usually cover up to 1,500 square foot area. However, keep in mind that there could be objects that could interfere with your connection. With this, Samsung recommends to use a smartphone to find the strength as to where it is the strongest.

How to Connect Samsung TV to Eero?

  • Go to General settings menu
  • Go to network menu
  • Enter or select Eero’s network name
  • Select done
  • Click Ok

How to Connect Samsung TV to Wired Internet

  • Connect ethernet cord on your TV and router
  • Go to General settings on the TV’s menu
  • Select Network
  • Click Ok

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