Google releases Android Nougat, confirms LG V20

Android Nougat has been confirmed as the Android OS dessert to grace Android users after Android Marshmallow. Google confirmed the name (once confined to just “Android N”) at its own Mountain View headquarters, but the company had remained all too quiet about the timing of its release. A tip from Canadian carrier TELUS pegged August 22nd as the Android Nougat release date, and, with the carrier’s reliability regarding the Android Marshmallow release, we weren’t surprised when, lo and behold, Google released Nougat on the same date that TELUS said. Carrier calendars don’t lie, folks.

The company took to its own blog to announce the rollout of Android Nougat for the Huawei Nexus 6P, LG Nexus 5X, the Motorola Nexus 6, and even the Nexus Player. Android 7.0 brings additional emoji, Multi-Window mode, Vulkan API graphics, Daydream VR compatibility for Nexus and non-Nexus devices, future background OS updates that don’t force you to stop what you’re doing, file-based encryption, and more. Google’s sweet treat also brings a Data Saver that’s smarter than Doze mode, saving battery and reducing the amount of data you use when on bad or poor cellular networks.

Google’s Android Nougat rollout announcement included not only some details about Nougat and its rollout for Google’s own Nexus lineup, but it also confirmed that the LG V20 will be the first major Android smartphone to come with Android Nougat pre-installed — a rumor that we’d heard with some credibility recently. The LG V20 will be released on September 6th, but, as I’m sure you’ve read before, Google’s Android Nougat rollout this week means that the V20 won’t have too many bragging rights when it arrives on the market (outside of its Hi-Fi audio quality, which LG has been more than happy to advertise).

Of important note is the Daydream VR compatibility Google is bringing to Android handsets with the rollout of Android Nougat. Daydream VR, if you remember, is Google’s take on mobile VR, a more sophisticated setup than that of Google’s Cardboard VR handsets. Google has provided a layout design of what it expects the first-generation Daydream VR headsets to be, and the search engine giant said it would roll out the VR platform this Fall. Bringing Daydrema VR compatibility to Android Nougat is designed for the upcoming rollout of mobile VR headsets bearing the Google branding.

If you have a compatible Nexus handset, you can visit your software settings on the phone and download it. If you want to find out more, head over to the source link below. Let us know if you’ve received Android Nougat on your device, and whether or not you like the changes you’re seeing so far.


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